The Big Sleuth

The Big Sleuth

The departure of The Big Hoot owls left many of you in a feathery flap! Well, the good news is Birmingham’s second adventure is mysteriously taking shape!

Repeating The Big Hoot’s multi-award-winning formula, Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity and Wild in Art are teaming up to present The Big Sleuth.

To most people, the word ‘sleuth’ means a private detective, but it’s also the collective noun for a group of bears! Bizarre but true.

Birmingham will bring both definitions together in the summer of the 2017 and the Sun Bear, the world’s smallest species of bear (now threatened with extinction) is the inspiration for a brand-new sculpture for this event.

These incredible creatures are sure to inspire creativity and generate plenty of fun for all you sleuth spotters on the trail! After which, the bears will be auctioned to raise valuable funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

Details of how you can get involved as a sponsor, artist, school etc. will be announced in September.

Get in touch

Paw Bullet PointSponsor a bear

If you’re a company and you are interested in sponsoring a bear you can contact Elinor Eustace at to find out more.

Paw Bullet PointSchools and community groups

If you are a school or community group and you are interested in taking part in The Big Sleuth you can find out more and place your sculpture order here. Orders must be received by 31 January 2016.

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