Ground-breaking research

Throughout history, research has played a vital role in increasing our understanding of illness, developing better treatments and equipment and ultimately improving and saving lives. Without research we wouldn't have antibiotics, anaesthetic or even stethoscopes! Medication that has been approved for adults can have very different effects on children, which is why paediatric research is so important.

At Birmingham Children's Hospital we have always believed that our patients deserve more than just today's best, we know that the next big development is potentially just around the corner and with the help of our fundraising supporters we strive to find it.

One such research project is our commitment to cure Rare Diseases, which has led to us being named as the national lead across the whole of the NHS as the Rare Diseases Research Collaboration Centre.

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Research Foundation

Set up in 2001, the Birmingham Children's Hospital Research Foundation has awarded over £4 million to researchers at our hospital and Birmingham Women’s Hospital (BWH).

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