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Put your best foot forward, conquer Mount Snowdon and raise money for our hospital.


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Climb KilimanjaroKilimajaro

One of the most magnificent sights in Africa, Kilimanjaro’s snow capped peak is almost 6,000m high and towers above the surrounding African plains. Standing at Uhuru peak you can be immensely proud of your achievement.

Our route takes us to the more remote north-eastern side of the mountain and we get a real sense of wilderness as we follow the less used Rongai Trail. Joining the Marangu trail as we approach the summit this trek really will offer you the experience of a lifetime. Please contact the events team at for more details about this epic challenge.

Cycle India

India offers a broad diversity of landscapes, people and wildlife, with an incredible mix of colourful cultures and a sense of history at every turn. From the most peaceful, serene landscapes to noisy, vibrant, bustling cities – India offers an extraordinary experience! Starting from Rajasthan, the desert region of northern India, the exciting cycle challenge takes you through beautiful areas known for their characteristic old palaces, forts and painted houses.

You then cycle through Jaipur, home to the elephants, and National Parks, home to the tigers, before finishing at India's most iconic monument, the Taj Mahal. This is an unforgettable challenge which can be funded via a minimum sponsorship or self payment option. For more colourful details on this Indian challenge, contact the events team.


Trek the Sahara

From stony flat expanses scattered with ancient fossils, to perfect wind-blown sand dunes, broken only by the occasional oasis, our trek in the Sahara sahara trekDesert transports you to another world. The desert and its incredible night skies provide a feeling of space and of solitude, of nature’s power and the transience of mankind, that is both awe-inspiring and humbling. This will be an unforgettable and life-changing challenge.

A free day exploring the sights and souks of Marrakech provides a real contrast to our week’s challenges, and a great way to celebrate our achievement! For more information please contact the events team at

To find out more about either of these challenges, email the Events Team ( or call 0121 333 8506.