What we do

what we do

We are proud that for over 150 years Birmingham Children’s Hospital has done so much to serve children suffering from some of the most challenging medical conditions. However there is so much more to do.

What we do and why

As the registered charity for Birmingham Children’s Hospital we exist to make things better for the children, their families and the staff who treat them. We provide funding for important equipment, pioneering research and all the important extras that make our hospital so special

The Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity raises funds for those projects and services which fall outside the remit of the NHS. Thanks to the generous support of our fundraisers the hospital can provide a level of patient care beyond what NHS funding alone can deliver. Together we can make projects happen sooner and to a greater degree than might otherwise have been possible.

Where the money goes

Charitable donations to Birmingham Children’s Hospital go straight to wherever the hospital needs it most.

See real examples of what your money has helped fund in the last year.

All of the fundraising that is done for us each year is spent in the following four priority areas:


researchenabling our Doctors and nurses to explore new treatments which help them to save so many more young lives. The exciting brain tumour research carried out in Birmingham by Dr Peet is just one example.

Read the inspiring story of the Guilder Family, whose fundraising efforts have had an incredible impact on their daughter’s life.

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Patient Experience

patient experience

We never forget this is a children’s hospital and that children need a chance to play and learn. This can have a huge impact on their successful recovery. Charitable donations have funded improvements to the hospital environment so that we can create a ‘home away from home’.  In recent years we have funded children’s playrooms, family areas, outdoor play areas and have recently begun work on a sensory garden.



Charitable donations are vital to help us provide the latest and most innovative equipment for treating our children. These medical breakthroughs enable our medical staff to be constantly at the forefront of Paediatric medicine. They make us the world class centre of excellence upon which the whole region depends.  Birmingham Children’s Hospital has a great history of leading the field:

  • 1951 – Britain’s first successful hole-in-the-heart operation.
  • 1998 – Britain’s first child triple-transplant of small bowel, liver & pancreas.
  • 2001 – First UK successful separation of conjoined twins.



In 2012 we were extremely proud to celebrate the 150th birthday of the hospital. Since 1862 we have seen enormous developments in paediatric medicine and have grown to meet the challenge of rising demand for our services. BCH is recognised as an international leader across 34 medical specialties including cardiac services, neurosurgery and trauma surgery.