The Big Sleuth, presented by Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity and creative producers Wild in Art, has won the hearts and minds of everyone in Bear-mingham and beyond this summer, after bringing the streets alive with colour and activity as colleagues, friends and families took to the streets to discover the bears.

To most people, the word ‘sleuth’ means a private detective, but it’s also the collective noun for a group of bears! Bizarre but true. Birmingham brought both definitions together in the summer of the 2017 and the Sun Bear, the world’s smallest species of bear (now threatened with extinction) is the inspiration for a brand-new sculpture for this event.

Many of our bear-illiant corporate partners sponsored the bears, and saw their company logo appear on the sculpture's plinths along with a description of the inspiration behind each bear. We want to say a huge thank you to all of our corporate supporters who sponsored a bear, took part in the trail or bid generously at the auction.  

The trail came to a roaring end as on Thursday 12 October, 91 bear sculptures raised £270,281 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity at The Big Sleuth Auction.