Many surgical techniques, treatments, and technologies used today were mere ideas a few decades ago. Charitable donations are vital to help us provide the latest and most innovative equipment for treating our children. These medical breakthroughs enable our medical staff to be constantly at the forefront of Paediatric medicine.

By funding for the latest, most advanced, progressive devices, equipment and technology, creates a centre of excellence with world class facilities. Doing more for life-saving care; changing treatment protocols, achieving faster diagnosis and speeding recovery.

Here are just some of the ways you have helped support Birmingham Children’s Hospital purchase new state of the art equipment:

New Fibroscanner reducing the need for liver biopsies

£100k donated from the generous support of charitable trusts has allowed us to purchase a Fibroscanner for the Liver Unit.

The Fibroscan is a state-of-the-art piece of technology that is used to test the stiffness of the liver. Currently the Fibroscanner is used to monitor patients which have Fatty Liver Disease, Cystic Fibrosis related Liver disease and viral Hepatitis B/C.

The Fibroscan has greatly reduced the need for biopsies in liver patient, as previously this was the only way to monitor progress of liver conditions.  In children, biopsies are always carried out using general anaesthetic, which can be distressing. With the machine follow up biopsies can be avoided and patients and families know, at each live check-up, what has happened over time.

The Fibroscan is mainly used in an outpatient setting and maps out the progress of disease over time making it possible to monitor deterioration or improvement of the condition at each clinic visit.

Liver Specialist, Indra van Mourik, tells us, “There is a lot of potential for the the Fibroscan to be used across the whole spectrum of childhood diseases.

Having access to a Fibroscan improves clinical decision-making and reduces the need for invasive procedures. Having readily available results and trends handy in an outpatient setting also improves counselling of patients and families about the stage of disease and may optimise adherence to suggested treatments.”

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Children’s Heart Appeal

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our supporters, in 2011 our Children’s Heart Appeal succeeded in raising £2 million for a brand new “hybrid” cardiac theatre.

The first of its kind in the UK, the theatre allows a range of specialised procedures to be carried out on a patient at the same time.  Our Cardiac Unit is one of the largest in the UK.  We care for patients with a range of congenital heart defects and cardiac conditions.   

As a specialist centre, we look after children from across Birmingham, the UK and even Europe.  With our cardiac team seeing more than 600 children every year.   

The new hybrid theatre has been operational for over five years and has helped to dramatically increase our cardiac surgery capacity – resulting in more of our young heart patients receiving life-saving surgery more quickly than ever before.   

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Medical Equipment

With your help we do more for your young patients by providing many pieces of equipment that have improved the patient experience, changed and in some cases, saved young lives.  With your support raising vital funds we are able to upgrade some of our standard machinery to specialist state-of-the-art equipment, providing children and young people at Birmingham Children’s Hospital with the very best level of care.

Some of our most recent equipment your donations have helped us purchase include:

  • An £8000 Tympanometer machine that can test a baby’s middle ear fluid to determine whether hearing loss is permanent.

  • [Do we have costs?] A new state-of the-art Digital Scanner for our Cleft Lip and Palate Department which can produce a 3D image from dental impressions in just 6 minutes. This reduces the number of appointments our patients need to attend and speeds up treatment.


  • [Do we have an name/cost] Specialist equipment to ensure children with kidney stones undergo minimal invasive surgery.


  • A brand new digital X-ray and ultrasound machine costing [insert cost] which accelerates the entire process and produces a detailed image quicker, improving the patient experience and allowing more children to be seen per hour. [insert image]


Helping ‘Hearts’ of England

 The ‘Hearts’ of England Association (HOEA) is a local organisation based in the West Midlands who support cardiac projects. Since 2010, HOEA has donated £22,600 to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, helping us fund the refurbishment of new theatres, specialist equipment such as a cardiac ultra sound probe and most recently, four Evo Heart Monitors used by patients with suspected cardio abnormalities. 

These portable monitors are given to children and young patients which have suspected cardiac abnormalities. They can be used at home to monitor the heart rate over longer periods of time, preventing patients from having to stay in hospital, reducing the need to admit children to hospital and allowing them more time to play and enjoy their childhood.

Krishna Kumar our Heart Investigation Unit’s Lead said “To be told that your heart may have a heart problem is a frightening thought.  The heart monitors provided by Hearts of England allow us to diagnose a problem as soon as possible.  They allow us to assess a child without them having to stay in hospital, so they can carry on doing all the things they love with the monitor including attending school.

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