Fancy becoming an MI5 Agent and saving the world whilst supporting our sick kids? Or do you look good enough in a deerstalker to give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money? Whichever is more your style, we've got you covered with two exciting online escape rooms courtesy of our friends at Escape Live. 

Each game costs £20 for a single player, or £25 for multiple players (in separate households). For every £20 game purchased £7.84 will be donated to our charity, whilst every £25 game purchased will see £9.82 donated.

Never done an online escape room before? Don’t worry it's really simple, just:

  • Set some time aside – we suggest an hour
  • Make sure your computer is connected to the internet and your speakers are switched on
  • Gather your team of up to six players (unless you're playing solo) via your preferred communication platform (Zoom, Skype, or phone) so that you can help each other through the challenge
  • Follow the instructions in Escape Live's email to begin the challenge and have fun!

So, if you're after some evening or weekend entertainment, have that ‘quizzed-out’ feeling and are looking for an exciting new challenge, or just fancy some good old fashioned family fun, check out our fantastic new games and enjoy yourself as you help us raise vital funds. 

Click on your chosen game and fill in our short form to register, you'll then be taken to Escape Live's website to complete your purchase. 

Rogue Agent


A rogue MI5 agent has been stealing art and sculptures from across the globe. MI5 is onto him though, but no one within the agency can be trusted. As the newest recruit it falls on you to uncover the identity of the rogue agent by accessing the government's secret online portal.

*Minimum age is 10

*Between 1-6 Players

The date is 1921, you are an 18-year-old Sherlock Holmes embarking on your maiden investigation - the murder of Lord Harrington in Chapelgate Manor. You must work together to investigate the manor, solving dastardly riddles and clues to uncover... whodunnit.

This, dear Watson, will be far from elementary.

*Minimum age is 8

  * Between 1-6 Players