Our patients often have to give up so much during their time in hospital. What could you give up to help?

Whether it’s coffee, TV or computer games, we’re asking you to get sponsored to 'Give it up' for a whole month.
Register now and download your Give It Up sponsorship form, poster and calendar. And just because we know that sometimes it’s hard to resist temptation we’ve even given you three cheat tokens which means you can pay a fine if you slip up!

Good luck!

Jo's challenge

Committed mum Jo has so far resisted cake and chocolate for a whole 17 days as she's taking part in our #GiveItUp challenge - she wasn't even tempted by her six-year-old son Robbie's delicious-looking birthday cake!

As her way of saying thank you to us for saving the football-mad youngster's life, Jo will be detoxing until the end of January to raise money for our hospital. Well done Jo! If you think you could take on the challenge and give something up throughout please register here.