Our play services bring a welcomed distraction to patients during an anxious and often scary time, creating an environment where fun and laughter is possible, where trust can be nurtured, anxieties overcome and where play is safe.

The Burns Centre – Teenage Playroom

Teenagers with burns can spend long periods of time with us due to the severe nature of their injuries, and during this time they need a safe, comfortable space where they can get away from it all, relax, play and socialise with others.  With the
 funds raised a drab room has been transformed into a modern chill-out pad!

The Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU)

Thanks to vital funds raised from the Let’s Play Appeal a new, much needed, vibrant play space has been created in our Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU) - a very busy unit caring for children from 0-7 years old.

Initially it was expected that children would stay on the ward for just a matter of hours, which is why there was not dedicated playroom in PAU. But the average stay can vary between 24 to 48 hours and children can get very restless.  There was no space for children to play, socialise, or do group activities and children would often play in the corridor or beside their beds, having to move out of the way each time a trolley was wheeled past.  Now, thanks to your support, they have a new colourful play space totally changing the experience for PAU patients.

Paediatric Surgery – Ward 9.

The playroom on Ward 9 was formerly a storage cupboard and had only recently been opened up for play.  This is a busy surgical ward, caring for children and young people from the age of 1-16 with a range of conditions, as well as emergency admissions.  The playroom needed to be made accessible to a wide range of ages, particularly teenagers who had nowhere to relax away from their beds and also needed to be somewhere they could use as creative space.  The playroom will provide a distraction from the ward.