Millie Light

Age: 10

Millie is ten years old and was diagnosed with a rare chromosome syndrome called Potocki Lupski Syndrome when she was just 15-months-old. She has relied heavily on Birmingham Children’s Hospital ever since, visiting over nine departments in total.  

In 2017, Milllie had a major operation which was extremely complicated and carried many significant risks - she was in theatre for over 10 hours. 

In February 2018 she has had Orthopaedic surgery on her foot and ankle . Millie is due for more surgery in the next few months. 

Millie is a happy caring kind little girl who never stops smiling and never ever grumbles . Millie started fundraising for BCH last summer when Millie, her sister Flo (8) and brother Stanley (5) sold plums at the end of our drive . Since then she has organised a jolly jumper day at school and is taking part in the Stafford fun run in her wheelchair  in April . Her sister Flo is organising a summer raffle and fete for September to help raise further funds .  Millie and her brother and sister have also helped take part in fundraising for the "out to play " appeal (#milliesmission)  at the hospital . 

All of the staff at BCH have been so kind and caring to our family over the last nine years and being part of the hospital has become part of our family life . Millie always enjoys taking part in the competitions when she's been on the wards or buying a cake when the cake sales are on in the conservatory. So when Millie saw that there was a Christmas competition she soon got her colouring pens out as art is her favourite subject and Christmas is her most favourite time of the year.

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