Cost: £40,000

A visual field machine tests how well you can see out of the ‘corners’ of your eyes and checks if you have any blind spots in your vision. It is often an essential test for children attending the Eye Department with glaucoma and those with neurological problems.

Our current Goldmann visual field machine is over 30 years old. It has parts which are not working as well as they should and replacement parts are not readily available, as the machine is now discontinued.  The new equivalent is the ‘Octopus’ Visual Field Analyser.   

The new machine is more effective than our existing one because:

  • It is faster to complete the test, so it is easier and less-tiring for unwell children
  • It is automated so the same test conditions can be repeated again and again
  • It will be easier for clinicians to monitor disease progression more accurately


  Current Goldmann Visual Field Machine                   Octopus Visual Field Analyser Machine



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