Four-year-old Penny Powell is a regular visitor to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, with three heart conditions, chronic lung disease and renal failure, she can often be found in the cardio ward, respiratory ward and renal ward; as well as outpatients for hearing, dental, ophthalmology & endocrine. 

Sutton-born Penny underwent a renal transplant in June last year after she was born weighing 1lb 7oz and diagnosed at birth with renal failure.  First time parents Michelle and Stuart were keen to be Penny’s donor, but after tests revealed they were unfortunately not a match, Granddad John Powell stepped in.

Since her transplant just over six months ago, Penny is doing extremely well. She is a happy little girl who loves nothing more than walking to the park where she feeds the ducks, and dressing up as a Disney Princess. Mum and Dad describe her as ‘the bravest little girl they know’.