Georgie, Sienna's Mum.

Sienna is seven-years-old, and her relationship with our hospital started two years ago, when her little brother Harry was born with a rare condition. We were here for the first five months of Harry’s life. Sienna had to learn to be brave and spend a lot of time away from her mummy. We have had multiple stays in hospital since Harry was born so it is like our second home.

Sienna actually celebrated her seventh birthday recently at the hospital as Harry was here. We live 80 miles away so we had to stay at the hospital. Even though Sienna has spent a lot of time here, she has still been going to school and she makes the most of the Play ladies on the Wards and in the Play and Admissions area.

We are always greeted with smiles and hugs whenever we are here. Sienna is always so helpful to her mum and Harry. On a few occasions she’s had to run and get something for Harry when my hands are full.

Drawing has always been Sienna’s way to calm her mind and relax. We spent a lot of time drawing and colouring on the Ward as it was something we could do together but still be by Harry’s bedside.

At home, Sienna likes to horse ride as she loves wildlife and the outdoors. She has recently joined Brownies and is planning for her charity badge. She wants to cut her hair to donate it to The Little Princess Trust and also raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

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