Lily has taken on multiple heart operations … as well as a 5K walk this Summer! What new challenge could you take on this January?

Diah, age 6, completed the Birmingham Mini Marathon this Summer! She said that…

“Last year I made a friend at school who was looked after by Birmingham Children Hospital when she was a newborn baby. Birmingham Children’s Hospital saved her life and kept her healthy. Today she is my friend because Birmingham Children’s Hospital treated her.

To thank Birmingham Children’s Hospital, I decided to run to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity. I know they will use the money to help more children like my friend to help make them healthy again.  I also love collecting a medal when I finish the race.

So far I have 11 medals from charity races!”

Would you like to set yourself a personal goal to achieve this January? How about going from couch to 3.7 miles of distance running? (That’s the distance between Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Birmingham Women’s Hospital!)

Want to set a longer goal? Why not look at our London To Paris bike ride or create your own challenge

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