Play can have a huge impact on a child’s recovery and can help to address physical, social, and emotional issues and assist with the development of creativity, self-confidence and cognitive and emotional skills.  Playing also provides a welcome distraction for children during an anxious and often scary time pre and post medical procedures.

Our Play Service at BCH offers a variety of activities and supports patients and families throughout their stay in hospital, as well as working with children and young people experiencing difficulties before admission or following discharge.

Play, art and singing change the atmosphere, lift spirits and makes people smile.  By combining music, play, magic and storytelling professional performers bring magical moments to brave children in challenging times.  

  • Activities such as singing can soothe and calm very young patients, or patients who are in significant pain. 
  • Games lead to better social inclusion on the ward, enabling siblings and children to play together. 
  • Activities can motivate children to get out of bed, encouraging movement and deeper breathing, which is particularly important for healing and preventing infections. 
  • Singing for example keeps the brain active and alert and provides stimulation.

We need your help to fund play activities.

NHS budgets are stretched to the limit to provide core services. 

We need your help to continue to provide vital play areas and associated services to make hospital a less daunting experience by creating family friendly facilities, play and sensory spaces.

These activities providing additional support through difficult times thus reducing anxiety and stress through recreation, play, singing, art (performing arts) and entertainment.