Amaru's Story

Our patients go through a lot during their time with us, showing incredible amounts of bravery every single day. One of these children is five-year-old Amaru, who was diagnosed with kidney failure at birth.

Amaru is Backing Big Bandage

Amaru has been attending our hospital three times a week since June 2015 and each day he’s in, he spends four hours on dialysis.

Mum, Natasha, described her son as ‘the bravest boy she knows’. She said: “Amaru doesn’t completely understand what dialysis is or why he needs it, but he knows he has special lines on his body which make him better. I’m so proud of him for being brave throughout his operations and procedures. We hope that by taking part in The Big Bandage this year, other families will feel inspired to take something on and show their bravery for the patients and families at Birmingham Children’s Hospital – the more people that sign up, the more vital funds the charity will raise.” READ THE FULL STORY

Join us this Big Bandage Day.