Vinnie is 7 years old and has been under Birmingham Childrens Hospital for various health conditions and surgeries since he was born.
Vinnie is a happy cheeky character that does everything to make people happy. He loves making things for his friends and has hours of fun crafting and thinking of new things he can design and make.

Since a young age Vinnie has wanted to help charities and make a difference. Every year he collects items for the homeless and makes sweetie bags which he delivers to people on the streets, in hostels and to shelters. Vinnie enjoys collecting donations from family and friends for local food banks and doing raffles to help local charities that have helped him over the years.

When Vinnie heard that the hospital wanted children to design their new charity Christmas card he got his pens out straight away as he wanted his design to hopefully make lots of money for the hospital. He decided to draw a Father Christmas holding a rainbow to resemble the year of lockdown and how everybody shared rainbows in their windows to make each other smile.