About the centre

Our new Rare Diseases Centre will bring all of our amazing specialists together under one roof.

You probably don’t know any children with a rare disease, so you may be surprised to discover that we treat 9,000 children with a rare disease each year. Every one of them face huge challenges throughout their childhood.

Being really sick is awful for a child and extremely stressful for their family. Parents have to take their child from specialist to specialist searching for an answer.

Treatments often do not exist. Because rare diseases often affect many different organs and parts of the body, children have to visit lots of different hospitals and departments.

That’s why we are leading the way in brilliant care by creating the UK’s very first centre for children with rare diseases.

Our new centre will ensure there’s a place where children can come and be diagnosed, treated, cared for, and to meet other kids just like them. What’s more, there will be a dedicated research space, so children with rare diseases can finally get the investment they deserve. Working together, our team of experts can find the answers for children with rare diseases.

But we can only do this with your help. For all our unique little stars, please give a gift this Christmas to help build this fantastic new centre.