There is overwhelming evidence arts and creative projects can make a positive difference to the wellbeing of patients, families, visitors and staff, as well as being hugely important to improve the hospital and enhance a patient's experience. This is why we’re proud to be fully funding an arts programme, benefitting both of our hospitals, called EnjoyArt. 

It’s widely recognised art eases patient anxiety and stress, which in turn can reduce the length of a patient’s hospital stay, as well as the need for painkillers. A colourful or bold space is also known to boost staff morale, increase communication between patients and carers and improve the hospital environment, creating an overall more positive experience. 

EnjoyArt aims to do this through art in all its forms across our two sites to create inviting, relaxing and less clinical spaces, which allow patients and families to feel relaxed and comfortable during their time with us. 

It also engages with local artists to give them the opportunity to express their talents in an area that will be appreciated by so many. 

In addition to musical arts programmes such as B’Opera, opera for babies and young children, Giggle Doctors and Singing Medicine, through EnjoyArt we’ve also recently funded productions such as Oily Cart, an accessible storytelling session, upgraded tired and outdated areas and started to improve our signage across our children’s hospital to aid patient and visitors’ navigation through our corridors.  

We’ve also upgraded the artwork within our women’s hospitals infant feeding room on NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) and are also embarking on a photography project within the hospital’s antenatal clinic to ensure the imagery on the walls is reflective of our patients. 

If you'd like to help us continue to inspire, engage and entertain our patients and their families please click on the donate button at the top of the page.