Our Eye Department is home to a team of specialists who see over 10,625 children and young people with various conditions each year, travelling from across the UK, as far as Devon and Scotland.

The refurbishment will make a huge difference for over 500 children who visit our Eye Department every week for treatment.  Our Eye Department’s waiting area is currently out-dated, hot and overcrowded.  Lots of our little patients get upset and agitated whilst they wait, which means they are less likely to cooperate with the doctors and nurses when they are examined.

Thanks to generous donations we will be able to extend the space by 50%, providing more comfortable seating, space to park buggies and an exciting new play area with interactive toys suitable for children with visual impairments. This will make a world of difference to our children and their families during their visit to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Eye Department.

How this will help

22 month old Alfred (pictured above) is a patient and frequent visitor to our busy Eye department.  Alfred has developmental Glaucoma, a condition that occurs in babies and young children.  The condition can be inherited and is caused when the eye’s drainage system fails to fully develop before birth.

Alfred has to attend appointments at least once a month so his patient experience will be greatly enhanced by the refurbishment of our Eye Department.

Alfred’s mum Catherine has highlighted the difference the newly refurbished waiting area will make to their time at the hospital:

We’re regular visitors to the eye department and often we can be there several hours as we see several nurses and consultants.  That means trying to occupy a two-year-old, which is currently a challenge with a limited space and facilities available.  We are very much looking forward to the new waiting room being completed as it will make such a difference to us and  other families like us.