Patient / Staff First Name Patient / Staff Last Name Date of Treatment / Start of Employment Department  Patient / Staff Member
Lucy Isabelle Abbott 06/08/2018 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Hallie Isabelle Abbott 24/02/2022 Gastroenterology Patient
Uzair  Abdullah 28/10/2016 Cardiac Patient
Logan Absalom 04/05/2022 Cardiac Patient
Bobby-James Acornley 04/10/2015 Liver Patient
Khalid  Adam  13/06/2013 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Ethan Adams 10/06/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Ivy Rose Adams  22/02/2013 Cardiac
Megan Adams-Fielding  10/06/2015 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Hollie Adcock 10/04/2006 Liver Patient
Dominic Addis 26/04/1999 Rare Diseases
Iyinoluwa  Adedewe  01/11/2016 Neonatal Surgical Unit
Catherine Adlington 03/09/2001 Opthalmology (Eye) Department Patient
Emilio Aguirre 31/07/2018 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Oakleigh Aird 12/04/2016 Opthalmology (Eye) Department Patient
Anayah Akhtar 06/10/2015 Cardiac Patient
Nazmeen Akhtar 03/11/2000 Renal Patient
Subhan Akhtar 31/08/2020 Burns Centre Patient
Charlotte Alcock 09/03/2000 Cardiac Patient
Lewis Aldersley  31/07/2017 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Max  Alexander 20/02/2020 Renal Patient
Ubaid Ali 11/05/2007 Gastroenterology Patient
Samara  Ali 10/02/2006 Renal Patient
Cheyenne  Ali-moulder 01/10/2010 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Layla Allcock 06/07/2012 Cardiac Patient
Evangeline  Allen 21/11/2003 Cardiac
Jack Allen 16/11/2012 Inherited Metabolic Disorders
Ace Allen 20/08/2016 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Sarah Allen 12/06/1905 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Tom  Allister  09/03/2002 Burns Centre Patient
Everly  Allman 18/07/2022 General Paediatrics Patient
Alfie Allwood 20/04/2007 Emergency Department Patient
Joshua Allwood 19/10/2016 Endocrinology Patient
Arissa Altaf 22/06/2011 Oncology/Haematology Patient
William Amos 03/02/2014 Cardiac Patient
Jack Anderson 01/06/2016 Liver Patient
Lillie-Mae  Anslow Thornton  12/03/2016 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Zayan Anwer 04/01/2015 Renal Patient
Mallorie Grace  Appleton  04/03/2020 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Amari  Archer 03/12/2006 Inherited Metabolic Disorders Patient
Muhammad Ari-Jamal 21/03/2014 Cardiac Patient
Bethany  Armitage 27/01/2007 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Jago Armitt 28/06/2019 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Samuel Arnold 27/03/2007 Cardiac Patient
Parker  Arnold  05/10/2017 Endocrinology Patient
Josh Asbury 20/11/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Phoebe  Ashfield 15/01/2019 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Sandra Ashford 01/05/1974 Renal Patient
Jensen Ashford 22/09/2003 General Paediatrics Patient
Emily  Ashman 17/10/2012 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Isabel Ashwood 05/06/2009 General Paediatrics Patient
Lewis Athersmith 11/02/2016 Cardiac Patient
Finley Atkins Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Peter Atwal 14/02/2001 Cardiac Patient
Ells Aubin  15/02/2017 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Lucy Augustus 09/01/1997 Liver
Archie Aulton 18/06/2018 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Georgia Austin 06/02/2018 Rheamatology Patient
Olivia  Austin  21/11/2009 Cardiac
Jessica  Averall  16/06/2016 Craniofacial Patient
Rehana Azam 01/08/1986 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Awais Babar 30/07/2010 Renal Patient
Charlotte  Bacon 06/06/2014 Renal Patient
Cerys Badham 09/07/2021 Inherited Metabolic Disorders Patient
Ava  Badham  10/05/2014 Emergency Department Patient
Lucas  Badham  10/05/2014 Emergency Department Patient
Brooke  Badham  14/11/2018 Inherited Metabolic Disorders Patient
Meera  Badhan 14/10/2012 Hand and Upper Limb Patient
Caleb Badland  03/12/2021 Neurology
Ruby Bagshaw 30/11/2011 Neurology Patient
Alexander  Bagshaw 29/06/1905 Burns Centre Patient
Claire Bailey 02/06/1991 Cardiac Patient
Jade Bailey 22/10/1996 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Joshua Bailey 01/10/2005 Cardiac Patient
William Bailey 31/05/2017 Paediatric Assessment Unit Patient
Elizabeth Bailey  01/04/2020 Pathology Staff Member
Aryan Bains  09/01/2019 Neurology Patient
Luke Bajrami  26/01/2008 Cardiac
Jake Baker 01/03/2019 Neurology Patient
Cameron  Baker 18/01/2002 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Olivia baker Baket 01/06/1999 Gastroenterology Patient
Luke  Baldwin 10/12/1997 Cardiac Patient
Emily Ball 21/12/2018 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Jack Ball 02/07/2003 Cardiac Patient
Kayleigh Ball 11/07/1905 Emergency Department
Bailey Ball 13/10/2011 Cardiac Patient
Caleb Ball-Andrews 31/01/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Nigel Ballantine 05/06/1905 Pharmacy Staff Member
Jayden Bamford 30/09/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Stephanie Banks 26/06/1905 Cardiac Staff Member
Thalia  Banks  24/10/2019 Neurology
Kirsty Banner 11/10/2003 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Mabel Barber  05/08/2017 Cardiac Patient
Leah Faith  Barclay  23/06/2017 Cardiac
Chanttelle  Bardell 28/02/2012 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Nicola Barden 03/07/2006 Neurology Patient
Summer Barker 11/12/2008 Cardiac
Teddy Barker 19/03/2017 Burns Centre
Kian Barker-Barrs  07/02/2008 Cardiac
Aston Barnett 12/08/2022 Neurology Patient
Ellie Barnett  20/04/2013 Cardiac Patient
Francesca-Lily Barnham 15/06/2015 Neurology Patient
Lara Barr 13/01/2009 Liver
Charlie Barrie 06/11/2013 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Delilah Barton 08/09/2021 Renal Patient
Isaac Barzillia 07/06/2010 Liver
Kiran Basraka 15/02/2016 Occupational Therapy Staff Member
Mary Bate 09/06/1993 Neurology Patient
Jayden  Bateman  01/05/2018 Cardiac Patient
Isabelle Bates 27/12/2011 Cardiac Patient
Priyanna Bawa 22/05/2015 Oncology/Haematology
Liam Baxter 06/10/2009 Craniofacial Patient
Ben Baxter  21/06/2014 Liver Patient
Mason Baxter  24/11/2014 Liver Patient
William Bayley 23/08/2014 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Harrison Bayliss 16/12/2011 Surgical Day Care Patient
Jack  Bayliss  21/12/2020 Surgical Day Care Patient
Stevie-marie  Beard  19/06/1905 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Tegan Beardsmore 12/12/2011 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)
Oscar Beavan-Witts  23/03/2020 Liver Patient
Joseph  Beech 15/09/2014 Cardiac Patient
Chace Beesley 12/10/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Patricia  Beeston  09/05/1905 Rare Diseases Patient
Sambrina Begum 07/11/2011 Theatres Staff Member
Jamie-Alan Belcher 20/12/2006 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Isaac Bell 13/02/2013 Liver
Deborah Bell 24/05/1905 General Paediatrics Staff Member
Lloyd Bell 02/09/2001 Neurology Patient
Bayliss Ben  21/12/2020 Audiology Patient
Isaac Bence 13/03/2017 Renal Patient
Aaron Bennett 13/03/2008 Cardiac Patient
Oliver George Bennett 30/08/2003 Cardiac Patient
Luke  Bennett  01/04/2007 Neurology Patient
Spencer  Bennett-Jones  01/08/2013 Cardiac
Drew Trevor Benson 21.08.2003 Liver Patient
Jack Bentley  03/02/2006 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Mayley Bernard  13/06/2019 Rare Diseases Patient
Joel Berry  28/07/2003 Cardiac Patient
Amber Beverley-Smith 22/08/2020 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Abbie Bickley 24/01/2018 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Luke Biggs 01/06/1997 Liver
Hugo Billage  07/03/2022 Cardiac Patient
Ethan  Billingsley  21/09/2012 Surgical Day Care
Elias  Billingsley  29/08/2018 Surgical Day Care
Edison  Billingsley  12/04/2016 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT)  
Everly Bilson  05/11/2019 Cardiac
Lewis Birch 05/04/1996 Renal Patient
Hattie  Birch 31/10/2017 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Lauren Rosie Mae Birch 01/06/2003 Inherited Metabolic Disorders Patient
Caleb Birchall  10/02/2011 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Grace Bird 03/07/2017 Radiology
Charley Bishop 23/08/2017 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Texas  Bishop 04/04/1997 Cardiac Patient
Honey Bisson 05/10/2011 Cardiac Patient
Jak Blabey-Salter 28/10/2018 Liver Patient
Henry Blacklock 18/12/2020 Liver Patient
Jack  Blackman  01/09/2019 Urology Patient
James Blair 07/07/2022 Dental and Maxillofacial Specialities  Patient
Eithan  Blair  27/10/2014 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Nathan Blakemorr 06/05/2010 Neurology Patient
Bayley Bland 01/09/2012 Urology Patient
Jordii-Raii Blewitt 27/10/2021 Physiotherapy and Orthotics Patient
Eoin Bogue 01/02/2014 Cardiac
Amelia Bogusz 10/10/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Joe Bond 25/06/1905 Cardiac Patient
Alfie Bonehill 11/09/2008 Endocrinology Patient
Sam Boot 20/11/1997 Renal
Jaimie leigh Borrett 05/03/2021 Cardiac Patient
Brooke Bott 22/08/2013 Cardiac Patient
Catherine  Boult  23/04/1998 Liver Patient
Cameron Boulton 07/02/2006 Cardiac Patient
Jessica Boulton 06/04/2007 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Natasha Boulton  01/09/2019 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Staff Member
Delilah-Grace  Bowell 03/11/2020 Cardiac Patient
Harry Bowers 20/05/2009 Opthalmology (Eye) Department
Jodie Bowers 12/04/2000 Urology Patient
Alex Bowler 10/09/2009 Cardiac Patient
Grace Bown 07/02/2021 Diabetes Patient
Rosie Anne  Bowyer 10/02/2022 Children with Medical Complexities Team Patient
Chelsea Bowyer Neurology Patient
Rosie Anne  Bowyer 10/02/2022 Children with Medical Complexities Team Patient
Amy  Box  19/06/1905 Cardiac Patient
Noah Boycott 10/01/2009 Physiotherapy and Orthotics Patient
Georgia  Boyle 21/05/2009 KIDS/NTS Patient
Daniel  Boyle  08/07/2019 Cardiac Patient
Carson-Lee  Bozward-Allen  06/04/2022 Outpatients Clinics Patient
Amber Bradbury  06/08/2009 Liver
Reggie  Bradbury  17/09/2012 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Amber Bradbury  06/08/2009 Liver  
Issac  Bradshaw 30/01/2022 Renal Patient
Joe Bradshaw 14/09/2005 Cardiac Patient
Max Bradshaw 27/05/2008 Cardiac Patient
Laura  Bradshaw  19/04/2014 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)
Emily  Bradshaw  24/05/2010 Rare Diseases Patient
Carl Gibson Leo Bradshaw  01/06/2005 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Lacey  Braithwaite  17/02/2021 Neurology Patient
Leo Branford  28/04/2016 Cardiac Patient
Alfie Bratt  24/10/2010 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Bonnie-Rae Brazier 15/04/2021 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Ron Bremner  11/07/1905 Gastroenterology Patient
James Brennan 18/03/2014 Urology Patient
Ollie  Brett 09/07/2015 Paediatric Assessment Unit Patient
Alfie Bridger 17/10/2019 KIDS/NTS Patient
Sharon  Bridges 17/06/1905 Liver Staff Member
Joyce  Bridgwater 08/05/1905 Children with Medical Complexities Team Patient
Harry  Brindley  02/05/2013 Cardiac Patient
Eleanor Brinkley 01/05/2009 Liver
Archie Bristoll 19/07/2017 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Persian  Bristoll  30/04/2022 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Alfie  Broad  06/07/2015 Cardiac
Myles Broadhurst 01/05/2014 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Sarah Broadmore 22/07/2019 Oncology/Haematology Staff Member
Henry Bromberg 05/06/2477 Cardiac Patient
George Thomas  Brookes 24/07/2014 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Graham Brookes 01/06/1986 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Tommy  Brookes  23/03/2021 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)
Elena-Jayne Brooks 07/10/1997 Cardiac Patient
Samantha  Broome  13/11/1987 Craniofacial
Louie  Broome  28/01/2005 Cardiac
Blake Brotherton Cardiac Patient
Oliver Brough 26/09/2017 Cardiac Patient
Joshua Brown 01/02/2011 Neurology
Jackson Brown 16/05/2014 Paediatric Assessment Unit
Tommy Brown 18/03/2012 Burns Centre Patient
Noah Brown 11/02/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Ellie Brown 14/02/2016 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Ellie Brown 04/07/2016 Neorosciences Staff Member
Jacqueline  Brown  11/09/1985 Mental Health Services Staff Member
Poppy  Brown  18/06/2020 Cardiac Patient
George  Brown  10/04/2019 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Emma  Brown 13/12/2013 Complex Care Staff Member
Wendy Brown 13/02/1970 Cardiac Patient
Rachel Brown (Tiffany) 01/09/1993 Cardiac
Oliver  Bruton 28/02/2012 Cardiac Patient
Callum Bryan 15/05/2012 Cardiac Patient
Rosie Bubb 10/05/2022 Theatres Patient
Abbie Bubb 13/07/2015 Acute Pain Patient
Holly  Buckner 01/01/1986 Oncology/Haematology
Daniel  Bugg 06/08/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Libby Bullock 26/06/1905 Cardiac Patient
Sarah Bundy 21/06/2014 Acute Pain Staff Member
Ellen Burke 06/06/2013 Liver
Charlotte Burnett  11/09/1991 Cardiac Patient
Camiyah Burton 27/01/2021 Liver
Lloyd Burton 03/06/2013 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Charlotte  Burton 25/04/1991 Cardiac Patient
Lucy Bushell  07/06/1905 Cardiac Patient
Zane  Butcher 01/05/2022 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Staff Member
Nathan Butler 18/07/2015 Endocrinology
George Butler 22/04/2020 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Leo Butler  07/06/2020 Cardiac Patient
Reece Butler  22/09/2008 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)/Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Hollie Butterfield 17/12/1998 Cardiac Patient
Niamh Byrne 08/01/2012 Cardiac Patient
Rosie Byrne  10/02/2015 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Arnelene Caburian 24/08/2020 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Staff Member
Matthew  Caddick  06/01/1995 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Aaron  Caddick-Lees  14/12/2012 Renal Patient
Finley Cadman 04/12/2016 Cleft Lip and Palate
James  Cadman 28/02/2017 Gastroenterology Patient
Amelia  Cadwallader  15/05/2015 Cardiac Patient
Ruby Rose  Cahill  24/08/2015 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Sarah  Caldwell 31/05/1905 Renal Patient
Dylan  Caldwell  09/01/2014 Cardiac Patient
Lewis Callow 10/03/1998 Renal
Hayden  Callow  09/08/2014 Neurology Patient
Tyler Campbell 07/01/2019 Oncology/Haematology
Connor Campbell 04/07/2022 Cardiac Patient
Lesley  Campbell  25/05/1905 Burns Centre Patient
Emily Candy 01/02/2005 Oncology/Haematology
Sharon Canning 04/04/1996 Theatres
Jennifer Canning 20/05/2001 Neurology Patient
Clay Carew 22/07/2015 Cardiac Patient
Marcus Carey Powell  05/04/2004 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Darcey Carey-Edwards 14/01/2020 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Joshua Carless  19/08/2001 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Sue  Carless  03/06/1905 Isolation Ward, Ward 9 Staff Member
Sylvie  Carnell 29/05/2016 Burns Centre Patient
Vincent Carpenter 23/08/2016 Surgical Day Care Patient
Ruth Carruthers (nee Smith) 04/08/1997 Emergency Department Staff Member
Joanne Carter 11/05/2020 Neonatal Surgical Unit Staff Member
Siobhan Carter 04/01/1994 Neorosciences Staff Member
Claire Carter 27/06/2009 People and Education Staff Member
Jack Carter 01/10/2014 Rheamatology Patient
Oliver Carter 01/01/2016 Rheamatology Patient
Ryan Carter  30/05/2022 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Colton Carter-Allison  08/05/2019 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Olivia Carter-Yaxley 11/08/2020 Cardiac
Tommy-lee Cartlidge 08/11/2021 Neurology
Ida Cassily 21/10/2019 Liver Patient
Clare Cataldo 12/05/2014 Oncology/Haematology Staff Member
Shealyn Caulfield 09/09/2013 Cardiac Patient
Mia Pyari Caulton 13/07/2017 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Mia Chamberlain 18/01/2017 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Charlie Chamberlain 26/10/2015 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Aaron  Chambers  23/08/1993 Cardiac Patient
Christine Chan 24/08/2020 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Staff Member
Poppy Chandler 20/01/2015 Oncology/Haematology
Millie Chandler 03/10/2020 Cardiac Patient
Christian  Chandler 16/10/2017 Vital Services Patient
Ruby Chandler-Marsh 09/03/2017 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Ellie  Chapman 02/02/2010 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Carter  Chatting 11/01/2016 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Reene Chauhan 04/02/2022 Physiotherapy and Orthotics Staff Member
Addison Cheema  14/05/2020 Cardiac Patient
Poppy Cheshire 29/01/2020 Burns Centre Patient
Dr  Chikermane 21/03/2010 Cardiac Staff Member
Marnie Chivers 20/07/2021 Cardiac Patient
Chloe Harvey Chloe Harvey 16/06/2019 Urology Patient
Ethan Chung 16/03/2022 General Paediatrics Patient
Connor Chung  16/03/2022 General Paediatrics Patient
Finlay Church 02/05/2014 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Bobby Clair 21/12/2013 Cardiac Patient
Christine  Clark 11/04/1995 Urology Patient
Emma Clark 17/10/2018 General Paediatrics Patient
Anthony  Clark 23/03/2010 Burns Centre Patient
Ethan  Clark 10/11/2014 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Aiden  Clark  23/10/2015 Surgical Day Care Patient
Theo Joseph Clark  28/12/2020 Surgical Day Care Patient
Emilia- Rose Olivia Clark  19/06/2019 General Paediatrics Patient
Brooke Clarke 04/04/2015 Plastics Patient
Tyler Jay Phoenix  Clarke 07/11/2011 Urology Patient
Dylan Clarke 28/05/2004 Renal Patient
April Clay 22/04/1996 Outpatients Clinics Patient
Samuel Clegg 06/03/2019 Renal Patient
Charlie Clewley 05/02/2013 Cardiac Patient
Thomas  Clewlow 25/01/2016 Cardiac Patient
Jack Clews 10/01/2000 Opthalmology (Eye) Department Patient
Anya  Cliffe  29/12/2019 Liver Patient
Jason Close 08/09/2007 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Kody Close 01/06/2011 Liver Patient
Leah Cluley  05/09/2022 Oncology/Haematology Staff Member
Luke  Cluley  20/06/2019 Cardiac Patient
Lola-Rose Clyde 09/03/2021 Liver Patient
Katy Coates 09/05/1987 Liver Staff Member
Kellie Cockerill 26/03/2018 Cardiac
Matthew Cockerill 14/08/2012 Gastroenterology Patient
James Coe-Welch  23/10/2014 Burns Centre Patient
Mark Cohen 04/10/2021 People and Education Staff Member
Scarlett  Colder 17/07/2022 Medical Day Care Patient
Freddie Cole 26/04/2019 Hand and Upper Limb Patient
Ollie-parker Coleman 08/01/2019 Cardiac
Oscar  Collett 26/09/2016 Cardiac Patient
Etta Collins 18/04/2020 Cardiac
Jack Collins 15/03/2022 Cardiac Patient
Cohen Collins  14/02/2011 Cardiac Patient
James Conlon 11/05/2020 Fundraising/Charity
Lorenzo-James  Connell  03/06/2021 Cardiac Patient
Joseph  Connolly 18/04/2013 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT)
Ryan  Connolly  05/06/2011 Oncology/Haematology
Louie Connor 29/06/2022 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Alesha  Convey-Read 21/12/2016 Burns Centre Patient
Evelyn  Conway-Lee  25/10/2019 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)
Theo Cook 21/04/2014 Rare Diseases Patient
Morgan Cooke 01/04/2004 Cardiac Patient
Shaun  Cooke  31/03/1997 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Esmae Cookson 13/04/2022 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Lockie  Coole 09/05/2022 Cardiac Patient
Candy  Cooley 01/09/1979 Cardiac Staff Member
Josh Cooling  01/08/2007 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Nathaniel  Cooper 21/05/2021 Cardiac
Archie Cooper 18/06/2021 Cardiac
Maci Cooper 16/03/2015 Cardiac
Jenny Cooper 08/10/2001 Research and Development Staff Member
Kieran Cooper 20/11/1992 Cardiac Patient
Daniel Coote 17/12/2004 Cardiac Patient
Albie Copson 15/12/2021 Rare Diseases Patient
Thomas Corbett 16/12/2019 Cardiac Patient
Evelyn  Corless-Huggan 27/01/2019 Medical High Dependency Unit Patient
Gracie-Mae Corrigan  09/07/2012 Cardiac Patient
Oliver Costall 03/12/2002 Cardiac Patient
Cody Michael Costello-Poole 13/01/2012 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Matilda Costigan 05/10/2015 Cardiac Patient
Clay Cotterill 14/06/2020 Emergency Department Patient
Sophie Cotterill 01/01/2009 Radiology Patient
Denise Coulson 14/04/2015 Oncology/Haematology Staff Member
Olive Coulthard 19/01/2022 Cardiac Patient
Daniel Courtney 27/06/1905 Liver
Ellie Cowan 29/04/2020 Liver Patient
Liam Cox 06/07/1905 Outpatients Clinics Patient
Albert  Cox 27/11/2011 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Roscoe Cox 21/04/2015 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Kasper Cox 10/01/2021 Urology Patient
Ashton  Cox 10/08/2006 Cardiac Patient
Olive-grace  Cox 09/07/2022 Liver Patient
Alison Coxson 01/04/1991 Corporate Nursing Staff Member
Niamh Coyne 01/01/2010 Liver Patient
James  Craggs  25/05/2010 Cardiac Patient
Florence  Crawford 04/02/2021 Cardiac Patient
Callum Crawford  26/01/2012 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Katie  Cregeen  04/02/2020 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Poppy Cresswell 05/01/2018 Renal Patient
Megan  Cresswell 19/06/1905 Cardiac Patient
Dylan  Cresswell 01/10/2009 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Patricia  Crockett 01/05/1981 Infection Prevention and Control Patient
Megan Cross 17/08/2016 Outpatients Clinics
Clarice  Crothers  13/11/2012 Oncology/Haematology Patient
James Crowley 12/11/2014 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Ben Crowther 22/06/2018 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Adrian Crucean 01/06/2012 Cardiac Staff Member
Jessica Cruddas  01/06/2011 Cardiac Patient
Leah Cull 09/12/2009 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Adam  Cullwick 10/03/2016 Hand and Upper Limb Patient
Ted  Curley 14/05/2015 Liver Patient
Eileen Curley 28/05/1905 Outpatients Clinics Patient
Myla Curtis  04/07/2016 Cardiac Patient
Tammy Cusack 01/11/2013 Physiotherapy and Orthotics Staff Member
Lewis Cutts 23/08/1995 Cardiac Patient