This year we're celebrating 160 years of our incredible hospital and all of the wonderful things we've achieved along the way. From feats in medical research and awe inspiring world-first operations to royal visits and world-leading status, we're so proud of our achievements and our heritage but a hospital is nothing without its patients. That's why, to mark this special anniversary, we want to celebrate and honour our sick kids!

We've created a virtual wall of honour which we want to fill with the names of brave patients past and present, young and old, to recognise and honour their part in our hospital's proud history.

Whether you're the parent of a current or ex-patient, a grown up past patient, member of staff, or know of someone no longer with us who should be remembered, we're asking you to register their name to show the world just how many people are part of our incredible history. 

Once you've registered a patient or staff member's name, we'll also ask you to submit a photograph, which we'll use to create a special montage for the grand finale of our celebrations later in the year.

Click on the buttons below to view the names on our wall of honour (ordered by patient/staff last name)