Patient / Staff First Name Patient / Staff Last Name Date of Treatment / Start of Employment Department  Patient / Staff Member
Gurjinder  Dahel  9/2/2015 Cardiac
Eleanor  Dahn 1/28/1998 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Sallyann Dakin  12/20/1999 Radiology Staff Member
Ruth Dallow 12/16/1999 Cardiac Patient
Jaya Damian 1/20/2014 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Staff Member
Kasper Dams 7/29/2017 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)
Sam  Danaher  9/2/2020 Emergency Department Staff Member
Aiylah Dar 10/10/2016 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Alistair Darby 4/19/1982 Emergency Department Patient
Emily Dare 6/10/2019 Audiology
Ellis Darnes 1/1/2004 Cardiac Patient
Freddie Rae Davenport 2/27/2014 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Arron  David  10/13/2021 Cardiac
Finn Davies 8/9/2019 Cardiac
Hadleigh Davies 10/24/2021 Craniofacial
Charlie Anthony Job Davies 3/3/2016 Cardiac Patient
Amy  Davies 7/20/1996 Cardiac Patient
Eve Davies 10/6/2019 Surgical Day Care Patient
Connor Davies 3/24/2015 Cardiac Patient
Gracie Mae Davies 1/14/2018 Renal Patient
Ava Davies 5/11/2022 Cardiac Patient
Poppy  Davies  Jun-05 Neurology Patient
Chester  Davies  5/22/2020 Cardiac
Charlie  Davies  3/4/2016 Cardiac
Mollie Davies  5/16/2016 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Kia-rose Davies  12/24/2015 Liver Patient
Cerys  Davies  7/24/2003 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Holly Davis 11/30/2021 Emergency Department Staff Member
Jacob  Davis 10/12/2018 Gastroenterology Patient
Brooke Davis 10/23/2018 Cardiac Patient
Dylan Davis 8/24/2006 Cardiac Patient
Susan Davis 8/3/1960 Outpatients Clinics Patient
Kayleigh  Davy 6/14/2022 Nutritional Care Patient
Emma  Day 9/1/1999 Diabetes Staff Member
Reagan  Day 5/28/2016 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Lucy Dean 3/1/2013 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Francesca Delahay  2/1/2011 Neurology Patient
Peter  Delaney 8/15/2015 Corporate Nursing
Leah-Nicold Deleon's-Leake 8/15/2014 Neurology Patient
Freddie  Dell 3/19/2018 Cardiac
Ryder Dempsey 10.07.2010 Renal Patient
Ellie Dengate 1/11/2009 Craniofacial Patient
Carter Dennis-Benn 6/25/2020 Cardiac
Kai Derges 4/22/2017 Cardiac
Megan  Devey  3/16/2000 Neurology Patient
Michael Declan Devlin 11/17/2014 Cardiac
Harneave Dhanda 9/20/2015 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Nico Di Trapani 7/10/1905 Cardiac
Riley Dibe 6/25/2018 Cardiac
Tj  Dinsdale 5/4/2022 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Theia  Dixon 5/6/2020 Cardiac
Connor Dobb 1/9/2015 Cardiac Patient
Noah-Paul  Dodd 2/8/2017 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Toby Doidge 5/10/2012 Urology Patient
Hope Donaghy 4/19/2011 Cardiac
John Donnelly 2/12/2020 Cardiac
Alfie  Donnelly  10/14/2012 Cardiac
Scott Donoghue 5/21/2017 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Charlie Doughty 8/14/2010 Liver
Jessica  Dovey 7/16/2017 Oncology/Haematology
Lola Dowd 5/27/2022 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Amelia  Dowding 2/21/2017 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)
Owen Dowds 10/27/1998 Cardiac Patient
Ollie Drew 4/11/2022 Neurology Patient
Archie Drew 5/1/2016 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Lettie Driver 6/4/2022 Liver Patient
Max  Dryden  3/1/2022 Neurology Patient
Oscar Duggin 9/1/2013 Opthalmology (Eye) Department Patient
Charlie  Dukes 11/24/2013 Emergency Department Patient
Jack  Dulson 3/29/2014 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)
Jack  Dunn  3/4/2022 Cardiac
Maximus Dutson 8/31/2019 Cardiac Patient
Harry Dyer-Griffiths 11/22/2015 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Karon Dyke 4/6/1992 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Staff Member
Dalton  Dyke 4/18/2021 Craniofacial Patient
Samantha Dymond 1/22/2018 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Staff Member
Sarah Eades 9/2/2002 Radiology
Megan  Eady 9/20/2021 General Paediatrics
George  Eaton  6/20/2004 Cardiac Patient
Dennis-James Eccleston 9/9/2020 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)
Darleigh Rae Edey 5/18/2022 Liver Patient
Eva-May Marie Edgell 9/17/2018 Cardiac
Bailey Edgington 2/24/2021 Cardiac
Riley  Edmunds  10/1/2007 Cardiac Patient
Emilia Edwards 4/10/2008 Neonatal Surgical Unit
Niamh Edwards 4/9/2014 Cardiac Patient
Jacob Edwards 6/26/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Danielle  Edwards 2/2/2009 Mental Health Services Staff Member
Noah Edwards 12/3/2019 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Destiny Edwards 3/14/2017 General Paediatrics Patient
Tommy Edwards 4/29/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Bethany  Edwards  8/9/2020 Theatres Staff Member
Summer Ellgood Dickens 10/6/2006 Surgical Day Care Patient
Alfie  Elliott 9/6/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Henry Ellis 2/24/2020 Cardiac Patient
Caine  Ellis 9/21/2008 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Kaleb Ells 7/15/2015 Oncology/Haematology
Amelia Mae  Ellwood 3/22/2022 Theatres
Liam Emanuel 7/26/2021 Renal Staff Member
Lorelai (Lulu) Emery 6/9/2016 Inherited Metabolic Disorders Patient
Aubree Emery  6/27/2019 Cardiac Patient
Robert  Emmott 1/19/2008 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Robert  Emmott 1/19/2008 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Martin English 3/16/2011 Oncology/Haematology Staff Member
Martin English 3/16/2011 Oncology/Haematology Staff Member
Leah Escott 1/7/2022 Gastroenterology Patient
Leah Escott 1/7/2022 Gastroenterology Patient
Fletcher-cook  Ethan 3/2/2016 Physiotherapy and Orthotics Patient
Claire Evans 5/10/2001 General Paediatrics
Leona Evans 12/10/2008 Cardiac Patient
Maddison  Evans 1/17/2019 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Daisy  Evans 10/23/2016 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Cathy Evans 5/30/1905 Cardiac Patient
Jayden Evans 7/25/2017 Cardiac Patient
Joshua  Evans 10/23/2019 Cardiac Patient
Logan  Evans 5/29/2019 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Rebecca louise Evans  5/13/1991 Urology
Rachel  Evans  4/2/2007 Speech and Language Therapy Staff Member
Claire  Evans  8/12/2019 Radiology Staff Member
Daniel  Evans-Critten 4/20/2003 Cardiac
Lennie Eyre 12/5/2019 Cardiac
Nicola Faithfull 1/21/2019 Rheamatology Staff Member
Jane Fallon 7/1/1995 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)
Primrose-jade Farmer-Aldridge  12/2/2021 Urology Patient
Mairi Farquharson 6/11/2019 Nutrition and Dietetics Staff Member
Jessica Farrell 8/5/1998 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Jamie Farrell 4/1/2011 Renal Patient
Abbie  Faulkner  12/18/2011 Burns Centre Patient
Thomas Feeney 6/8/2021 Liver
Mia  Feeney  7/24/2012 Liver
Emily  Fellows  7/1/2003 Rheamatology Patient
Joseph Felton 9/12/2005 Oncology/Haematology
Emily Fenning 10/13/2013 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)
Freddie Fereday 10/1/2017 Cardiac
Grace Ferris 6/14/2010 Cardiac
Niamh Ferris 9/25/2013 Cardiac Patient
Luca  Filler  11/14/2014 Neonatal Surgical Unit
Lily May Filmer 5/7/2017 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Holly Finch 2004 Plastics Patient
Georgia-Rose Findlay 3/2/2016 Oncology/Haematology
AJ Finney 11/29/2021 Opthalmology (Eye) Department
Orla Finnis 4/1/2019 Plastics
Betsy Firman 4/19/2021 Cardiac Patient
Noah Firth 10/9/2019 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Harper Firth-Davies 11/23/2017 Craniofacial Patient
Niall Joseph  Fisher 3/22/2009 Cardiac
Annabelle-Rose Fisher 8/24/2019 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Cianne  Fisher 9/1/1988 Children with Medical Complexities Team Patient
Nicki Fitzmaurice 6/8/1905 Corporate Nursing Staff Member
Freya Fleming  4/12/2021 Liver Patient
Evan  Fletcher  8/1/2018 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Nicole  Florence 7/4/2015 Burns Centre Patient
Courtney-Jane Flynn 5/28/2019 Cardiac
Sienna Foley 6/3/2019 Neurology Patient
Ryan Ford 8/24/2015 Cardiac Patient
David Ford 3/3/1987 Cardiac Patient
Elizabeth Ford 9/9/1979 Urology Staff Member
Joseph  Ford 7/21/2020 Cardiac Patient
Mylah-Jai Foster 11/10/2021 Cardiac Patient
Hayley Foster 1/15/2003 Cardiac Patient
Lorena Foster 4/3/2013 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Lauren Foster 12/24/2012 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Ayla Foster 3/20/2020 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Madison Fowler 10/28/2020 Neurology Patient
Archie Fox 2/1/2014 Cardiac Patient
Finley Fox 3/29/2022 Craniofacial Patient
Matthew  Fox 8/31/2002 Opthalmology (Eye) Department Patient
Kodi  Fox  4/12/2017 Cardiac
Evie-Rose  Fox  11/2/2018 Neurology Patient
Warwick  Foxall  4/19/2012 Cardiac Patient
Pyper  Frangione  6/24/2021 Neurology Patient
Elizabeth  Franklin  6/6/1996 Emergency Department Patient
Eric  Fraser  1/13/2018 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Elsie-mae Freeman 6/19/2013 Liver
Charlie French 3/27/2014 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Noah Frost 4/27/2017 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Teresa  Fulgoni 5/11/2020 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Staff Member
Ryan Fuller  8/26/2021 Neurology Patient
Holly Furber  7/13/2021 Theatres