Patient / Staff First Name Patient / Staff Last Name Date of Treatment / Start of Employment Department  Patient / Staff Member
Ilyas Sabir 16/09/2011 Cardiac Patient
Cameron Sadler 29/01/2005 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Jas Kaur Sahota 07/11/2011 Endocrinology Staff Member
Zaina Sajid 13/01/2006 Oncology/Haematology Staff Member
Olivia Salter 10/06/2021 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Lucas Sanders 02/10/2013 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Rachel Sanders 01/02/1985 General Paediatrics Patient
Jake  Sanderson  04/05/2021 Neurology Patient
William  Sandham 27/09/2015 Cardiac Patient
Jessica-Mai Sang 07/10/2016 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Haraajan Sanghera 08/05/2014 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Gunnar Sankey 16/07/2022 Cardiac Patient
Lara Santostefano 03/08/2014 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Jyotsana Sathyayarayanan Mathangi 28/03/2019 Emergency Department
Vaibhav Rao Sathyayarayanan Mathangi 13/08/2021 Emergency Department  
Freddie  Saunders 03/07/1905 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis
Mabel  Saunt  20/11/2020 Opthalmology (Eye) Department Patient
Rosie Savage 10/03/2012 Cardiac Patient
Ruby Saxby 21/05/2013 Cardiac Patient
Dan Saxton 24/05/2021 Vital Services Patient
Stanley Scarratt 31/07/2015 Cardiac Patient
Fin Schoolar 22/09/2020 Emergency Department Patient
Stefanie  Schornig 01/04/2004 Complex Care Patient
Charlie  Scott 01/08/2017 Cardiac Patient
Lewis Scott 20/10/2002 Cardiac  
James Seamark 19/11/2019 Renal Patient
Imogen  Selvester  08/06/2022 Oncology/Haematology  
Mark  Selwood  21/08/2014 Liver Staff Member
Lillie Seymour 15/06/2017 General Paediatrics Patient
Ismail  Shabir 28/05/2020 Cardiac Patient
Isa  Shabir  12/11/2020 Cardiac Staff Member
Ferhat  Shaheen 20/11/2006 Neorosciences
Hannah  Shakeshaft 23/08/2012 Plastics  
Chloe Shannon 08/07/2003 Liver Patient
Romeo Sharma 30/12/2012 Cardiac Patient
Freddie Sharman 17/09/2018 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Tyler Sharp 22/12/2011 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Edward Shaw 23/09/1995 Cardiac Patient
Alex Louise Shaw  26/12/2006 Inherited Metabolic Disorders Patient
Annabelle Shaw  28/06/2022 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Marco Shaw  01/04/2013 Facilities Patient
Zayn Shehzad  08/07/2020 Paediatric Assessment Unit Patient
David Shepherd 04/12/1980 Fundraising/Charity Staff Member
Hallie-mae  Shepherd  05/09/2021 Surgical Day Care Patient
Arrhur  Shepherd  23/02/2022 Neurology Patient
Harley  Sherratt-Green 23/06/2015 Cardiac Patient
Ethan Shields 22/03/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Jacob  Shipman 03/11/2013 Plastics Patient
Sharon Shuker  10/11/2003 Cardiac Patient
Phoebe  Sidwell  29/11/2020 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT)
Nicola Silcox 26/05/1905 Cardiac  
Lesley Simkin 01/06/1905 Opthalmology (Eye) Department
Tyler Simms 02/07/1905 Cardiac Patient
Wendy Simonds 29/05/1905 Pharmacy Staff Member
Oliver  Simpson  20/09/2011 Neonatal Surgical Unit Staff Member
Ezra Sims 02/02/2018 Neurology Patient
Harrison   Sims  27/01/2020 Liver Staff Member
Harrison  Sinclair  02/01/2021 Liver Patient
Yuvraj  Singh  27/11/2020 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Lola  Skews 21/08/2019 Neurology Patient
Archie Slater 25/12/2020 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Rueben  Slimm  01/04/2017 Cardiac Patient
William  Smedley 01/09/2015 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Miah  Smith 07/05/2018 Cardiac Patient
Madison Smith 05/05/2005 Cleft Lip and Palate Staff Member
Kimberley  Smith 12/10/2005 Cardiac Patient
Harrison  Smith 01/12/2021 Surgical Day Care Patient
Mason  Smith 18/06/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Dyllan Smith 06/11/2015 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Olivia  Smith 09/06/2021 Surgical Day Care Patient
Lola-Rose Smith 05/12/2018 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Lucas Smith  24/03/2017 Rheumatology  
Donna Smith  08/10/2001 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Freddie  Smith  21/09/2017 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Leanne  Smith  30/01/2021 Neurology Patient
Paramjit  Sohpal  26/06/1905 Communications Patient
Julia Souto 30/03/2022 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Rory  Spence 04/03/2020 Inherited Metabolic Disorders Patient
Anne Spencer 01/06/1905 Isolation Ward Patient
Robyn  Spencer  21/01/2015 Cardiac Patient
Alfie Spencer-Jackson 06/03/2020 Cardiac Patient
Jaxon  Spicer  20/04/2017 Cardiac Patient
Matthew Spreadborough 28/03/2018 Neurology Patient
Ella  Spruce  10/01/2022 Cardiac
Jenna Spry 16/10/2006 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Lottie St Claire-Jones  01/02/2016 Cardiac Patient
Lily Staite 17/06/2016 Renal Patient
Joshua  Standley  20/01/2017 Rare Diseases Patient
Hudson Stanley 23/06/2016 Cardiac Patient
Jesse-Renee  Stanley 18/09/2014 Cardiac Patient
Evan Stansbie  20/06/2018 General Paediatrics Patient
Eliza-Jo Stanton 22/02/2016 Cardiac Patient
Marie Starkey 25/05/1905 Renal Patient
Liam Starkey  05/06/2009 Hand and Upper Limb Patient
Steven Steadman 01/10/2001 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Amelia Steele 07/07/2010 Cleft Lip and Palate  
Courtney Steele 24/09/2018 Emergency Department  
Olivia  Steele 19/07/2001 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Rebecca  Stephens  06/10/2014 Liver
Isabelle (Belle) Stevenson 05/02/2022 Oncology/Haematology
Fearne Stewart 07/12/2012 Cardiac Patient
Gemma Stewart 01/09/2003 Cardiac Patient
Sonny-Lee  Stewart 06/11/2011 Cardiac Staff Member
Darci-bleu Stewart 02/07/2019 Oncology/Haematology Staff Member
Daniel Stockley 23/12/2009 Cardiac Patient
Isabella Stockton-Beesley  30/10/2019 Liver Patient
Flo Stokes 01/10/2021 Oncology/Haematology Staff Member
Ellie  Stokes  02/07/2015 Neurology Patient
Eva Stone  18/09/2017 Neonatal Surgical Unit  
Chloe Stone  13/02/2015 Children with Medical Complexities Team
Lexi Storey 10/11/2012 Rheamatology Patient
Isabella  Stovell  01/07/2021 Dermatology/EB Patient
Clayton Strand 31/10/2013 Craniofacial  
Louie Stretton 29/10/2021 Cardiac Patient
Bonnie-Rose  Stribling  31/10/2020 Neurology
Amelia Strike 05/03/2020 Cardiac Staff Member
Chloe Strike 03/03/2021 Cardiac Staff Member
Julie Summersby 01/09/2004 Gastroenterology Patient
Leon Sutton 19/04/2020 Cardiac Patient
Bettie  Swain 10/12/2001 Renal Patient
Reece  Swain 23/07/1994 Rare Diseases Patient
Natalie Swain 07/03/1999 Fundraising/Charity Patient
Benjamin  Swain  02/01/1992 Rare Diseases  
Bettie Swain  10/12/2001 Rare Diseases  
Jessica  Swan 05/07/1992 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
William Swan-Dennis 30/10/2010 Liver Patient
Ashton Swann 02/07/1905 Renal Patient
Tilly-Grace Sweet 13/07/2011 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Libby Swinbourne 06/04/2011 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Maisie Swindells 16/11/2018 Neonatal Surgical Unit  
Kimberley  Swinnerton  16/03/2020 Gastroenterology
Amy Symonds 21/10/2010 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Ellie Symons 01/04/2013 Neurology Patient
Leighton  Tabbott 02/07/2020 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Reevun Takhar 24/11/2021 Cardiac Patient
Harry Talbot 21/08/2015 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
George Talibudeen  23/03/2017 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Kyla Tann 07/12/2021 Liver Staff Member
Ashley Tannahill  06/11/1990 Cardiac Patient
Lily-Ann Tansell-Price 10/11/2014 Burns Centre Patient
Lachlan Tapp 29/06/2021 Surgical Day Care
James Tarry 19/09/2021 Neorosciences
Joshua Tasewych 01/06/2011 Cleft Lip and Palate
Zaima Tasnim 20/06/2006 Opthalmology (Eye) Department Patient
Karandeep Singh Tatter 01/02/2004 Neurology  
Alisha-Kelly Tattom 11/07/2009 Liver  
Hope Taylor 26/06/2015 Oncology/Haematology  
Erin Taylor 30/01/2008 Cardiac Patient
Nathan Taylor 05/11/2004 Emergency Department Patient
Joseph Taylor 02/08/2018 Urology Patient
Esme Taylor 27/10/2016 KIDS/NTS Patient
Ethan Taylor 16/12/2013 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Imogen Taylor 24/05/2016 Theatres Patient
Robert Taylor 12/11/2008 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Isabelle  Taylor  25/07/2021 Cardiac Patient
Charlotte  Taylor  01/12/2020 Emergency Department Patient
Allan Joseph (AJ) Telfer 13/07/1905 Cardiac Patient
Dolcie  Terry 01/04/2021 Hand and Upper Limb Patient
Arthur  Tetsell 24/09/2020 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
George Thatcher 04/01/2017 Cardiac Patient
Caden Theobald 24/02/2012 Cardiac Patient
Phoebe Thomas 09/07/1905 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Sophie Thomas 31/10/2009 General Paediatrics Patient
Bradley Thomas 29/04/2022 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Regan Thomas 08/06/2011 Craniofacial Patient
Poppy-Rose  Thomas 21/09/2016 Dermatology/EB
Mila Faith  Thomas  12/12/2021 Endocrinology Staff Member
Dylan  Thomas  12/08/2008 Rheamatology Patient
Olivia  Thomas  09/05/2015 Urology Patient
Ethan Thompson 27/09/2005 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Kai Thompson 19/09/2006 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Vinnie Thompson 01/05/2022 Cardiac Staff Member
Isabel Thompson 21/09/1999 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Tyler Thompson 30/08/2022 Renal Patient
Jack  Thompson  23/09/2019 Cardiac Staff Member
Amy Thompson  10/10/2010 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Evan  Thompson  09/09/2013 Renal Patient
George Thompson  01/05/2016 Inherited Metabolic Disorders Patient
Laura Thornton 01/03/2008 Neurology Patient
Sienna  Thurstance  16/09/2010 Urology Patient
Marcus Tilley-Young  13/10/2013 Renal Patient
Sam Tillott 01/09/2001 Cardiac Patient
Kian Tilsley 27/05/2014 Urology Patient
Haydn  Timmis 01/05/2008 Oncology/Haematology Staff Member
George Tipton 09/06/2010 Cardiac Patient
Charlotte Tisdell 01/07/2016 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Harry Titley 25/07/2016 Medical Day Care Patient
Ella Toan 15/03/2022 Liver Patient
Danya Leigh Tolley 04/09/1999 Cardiac Patient
Leo Tolley 12/10/2021 Cardiac Patient
Cordelia  Tolley  04/11/1980 Renal Patient
Louie  Tomkins 22/08/2021 Neonatal Surgical Unit
Abi Tomkinson  26/11/2011 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Jack Tomlin 10/04/2021 Urology Patient
Emilia Tomlinson 10/12/2011 Cardiac Patient
Mariah  Tooke 30/06/1905 Diabetes Patient
Charlie Tovey 03/09/2018 Hand and Upper Limb Patient
Zoe Townsend 21/05/2005 Cardiac Patient
Daniel Townsend 10/01/2006 Urology Patient
Henry Trapp 07/10/2012 General Paediatrics Patient
Vincent Trench 17/03/2022 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Amy Tresize 02/02/2002 Outpatients Clinics
Sienna Trevis 13/05/2013 Cardiac  
Ellis Tripp 21/05/2021 General Paediatrics Patient
Hayden Trueman 20/03/2012 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Miya  Trueman  23/07/2018 Renal Patient
Naggie Tsang 15/09/2003 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Janice Tsiga 16/11/2016 Neorosciences Patient
Jayne Tuite, nee Dawes 25/05/1905 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Anna Tumelty 13/07/2007 Cardiac Patient
Daisy Turner 03/10/2019 Emergency Department
Robyn  Turner 10/02/2008 Neurology Patient
Lochlan  Turner  09/10/2021 Cardiac Patient
Vincent Turton 21/04/2009 Cardiac Patient
Charlotte  Tymczuk  02/11/2017 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Charley-Marie  Tyrer 06/07/2018 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
William  Tyssen 02/08/2008 Cardiac Patient
Suma Uday 01/09/2014 Endocrinology Patient
Amelie Skye Underhill 01/02/2016 Urology Patient
Acer Underhill  13/06/2021 Cardiac Patient
Jack Underhill  10/03/2022 Craniofacial Patient
Kim Utting  05/12/2016 Emergency Department Patient