Patient / Staff First Name Patient / Staff Last Name Date of Treatment / Start of Employment Department  Patient / Staff Member
Abigail  Vallis 16/10/2017 Craniofacial Patient
Chloe Anita  Vandamme-Adams  07/12/2017 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)
Lorna Varley 06/07/2012 Cardiac Patient
Tommy Vasey 01/02/2019 Burns Centre Patient
Carys Venn 07/06/2022 Neurology Patient
James  Ventham 30/05/1979 Paediatric Assessment Unit Patient
Amy Vernon 13/06/1905 Cardiac Patient
Bev Vint 11/09/1996 Emergency Department Staff Member
Joshua Vinten 15/04/2021 Liver Patient
Ollie Wager 14/06/2013 Neurology Patient
Benjamin  Wain 21/04/2017 Cardiac
Sam Wainwright 01/08/2021 Liver Patient
Emilia Wainwright-James 05/03/2018 Cardiac
Mary  Waite  11/06/2020 Cardiac Patient
Evie Caroline  Walford 19/05/2009 Liver Patient
Rafe Walker 22/04/2008 Neorosciences Patient
Annabel  Walker  16/06/2010 Cardiac Patient
Charlie  Walkerdine  01/10/2015 Liver Patient
Mia-Jay Wallace 06/06/1996 Cardiac Patient
Nevaeh  Wallett 12/10/2011 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Shay Wallett 21/12/2012 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Dolcie Wallett 20/03/2016 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
David  Walley 06/11/2007 Emergency Department Patient
Isobel  Wallis  01/04/2003 Neurology Patient
Charlotte Walsh 12/05/2022 Rare Diseases Patient
Jack  Warboys  21/06/2017 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Olly  Ward 12/08/2016 Cardiac Patient
Hannah Ward 20/09/1993 Cardiac Patient
Luke Ward 14/02/2014 Gastroenterology Patient
Abi Ward 21/05/2012 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Danny Warner 27/06/2000 General Paediatrics Patient
Peyton  Warner  11/05/2010 Liver
Talia Warnock-Meehan  25/09/2019 Liver Patient
Luke Wars 14/02/2014 Gastroenterology Patient
Arthur Watkin  14/01/2021 Urology Patient
Samuel Watkins 01/01/2004 Cardiac
George Watkins 28/03/2019 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)
Caden Watkins 21/09/2018 Gastroenterology Patient
Charlotte  Watsham 19/06/1905 Liver Patient
Arlo Watson  01/02/2017 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)
Benjamin  Watts 18/03/2005 Cardiac
Tiffany-Rose  Waudby  05/01/2016 Cardiac Patient
Jodie Weatherill  25/01/2007 Rare Diseases Patient
Matthew Weaver 10/09/2002 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
John Webb 08/02/1996 Liver Patient
Ruby Webb 06/07/2011 Cardiac Patient
Oscar Webber 16/11/2021 Neurology Patient
Theo Webber 01/12/2021 Neurology Patient
Daniel  Webster 21/11/2013 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Thomas Webster 24/07/2008 Cardiac Patient
Evie Wedderburn  17/01/2020 Rare Diseases
Michael  Weeks 18/05/1905 Paediatric Assessment Unit Staff Member
Ben Welch 01/02/2002 Cleft Lip and Palate
Rachel Wells 29/07/2019 Opthalmology (Eye) Department Staff Member
Autumn Daisie  Wells  15/06/2022 Outpatients Clinics Patient
Maria Wesbury  14/12/2003 Liver Patient
Sophie Wesley 11/06/1905 Children with Medical Complexities Team Patient
Jordan Westbury 10/06/1905 Gastroenterology Patient
Julie Westbury 19/05/1905 Cardiac Patient
Rebecca Westley 01/04/2001 Cardiac Patient
Jack Westmorland  27/10/2007 Craniofacial Patient
Nicola Weston 14/10/2014 Corporate Services
Jessica Westwood 08/05/1998 Cardiac Patient
Grace Amy  Westwood  15/03/2020 Cardiac
Alexander Wharf 27/05/1905 Cardiac
Dylan Wheatley  21/09/2002 Liver Patient
Isabella Wheeler 07/03/2017 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Enola Whitehouse 30/03/2019 Liver Patient
Emma  Whitehouse  01/05/2020 Paediatric Assessment Unit Patient
Holly Jaye Whitmore 01/01/2008 Neurology Patient
Jack Whitmore  20/01/2014 Cardiac Patient
Dominique  Whyte 16/09/2008 Governance and Quality Staff Member
Nefertari  Whyte 20/03/2019 Cardiac Patient
Vanessa  Wickens  01/01/2001 Radiology Staff Member
Benjamin  Widdess 17/07/2012 Craniofacial Patient
Darcy  Wilcock 12/10/2020 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Codi Wild 22/01/2012 Neurology Patient
Quinn  Wildig  10/04/2012 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Tei Wildman-Boulton 04/04/2021 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Dylan  Wiles 07/10/2000 Cardiac Patient
Holly Wilkes 01/11/2012 Emergency Department Patient
James Wilkes 01/04/2019 Burns Centre Patient
Dylan Wilkes   Cardiac Patient
John Wilkins 03/05/1905 Endocrinology Patient
Jack  Wilkinson 29/01/2011 Liver Patient
Cohan Wilkinson  05/01/2012 Cardiac Patient
Thomas Willetts 16/08/1992 Cardiac Patient
Jasmine Williams 30/03/2002 Oncology/Haematology
Ava Williams 04/01/2022 Craniofacial
Bradley Williams 19/03/2007 Outpatients Clinics
Owen Williams 03/08/2015 Opthalmology (Eye) Department
Daisy Williams 13/06/2019 Neurology Patient
Leo Williams  02/08/2000 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Olivia Skye Williams  06/03/2022 Liver Patient
Felicity  Williams  26/04/2010 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Lily Williamson 01/12/2003 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Mason  Williamson  31/10/2019 Cardiac
Jake  Willis  09/06/2013 Cardiac Patient
Elsie Wills  08/09/2019 Cardiac
Mia Willt 21/10/2008 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Grace Wilson 01/10/2021 Rare Diseases Patient
Paige Wilson 01/07/2007 Hand and Upper Limb Patient
Stacey  Wilson 14/07/2007 Neorosciences Patient
Harry Wilson 22/12/2021 Neurology Patient
Sophie Wilson 30/08/2008 Liver Patient
Grace Ivy Wilson  18/09/2021 Inherited Metabolic Disorders
Mia Wilson-Bradshaw 22/10/2001 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Jacob Wilton 29/01/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Georgia Winchurch 07/09/2020 Neurology
Cole Windridge-parkes  05/12/2011 Opthalmology (Eye) Department Patient
Maddison Winter 16/01/2009 Surgical Day Care Patient
Cassie Winterburn 03/07/2017 Nutrition and Dietetics Staff Member
Katie  Wintle 06/06/1905 Cardiac
Miyah-Daisy  Winward 02/07/2018 Rare Diseases Patient
Claire  Wise 01/04/1986 Cardiac Patient
Emily  Withers 10/08/2010 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Jack Withers 06/01/2016 Oncology/Haematology Patient
George Woliter 27/02/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Joanna Wood 01/03/2013 Oncology/Haematology Staff Member
Clare Woodall 01/12/2014 Occupational Therapy
Riley Woodcock 01/04/2022 Urology Patient
Louie Woodcock 01/07/2015 Craniofacial Patient
Chloe Woodhouse 18/05/2016 Liver Patient
Livvy Woods 23/08/2017 Cardiac Patient
Charley  Woods 14/02/2019 Renal Patient
Harrison  Woods  10/02/2020 Neurology Patient
Reagan Woodward 10/10/2020 Renal
Jack  Woodward 27/06/1905 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Libby Woodward 05/07/2017 Liver Patient
Lois Woolley 01/09/2018 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis
Mia Woolridge 26/02/2007 Cleft Lip and Palate Patient
Grace  Worrall 05/10/2005 Cardiac
Isabelle Cara Tia  Worrall  10/08/2008 Cardiac Patient
Paige Wrenn 05/01/2001 Oncology/Haematology
Jennifer Wright 30/09/2008 Cardiac
Samuel Wright 21/03/2017 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Henry Wright 13/01/2019 Cardiac Patient
Billy-joe  Wright 25/10/2018 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Hudson Wright 01/07/2021 Cardiac Patient
Tedd Wright 06/03/2013 Cardiac Patient
Jennifer Wright 30/09/2008 Cardiac Patient
Esther  Wright 04/01/2016 Complex Care Staff Member
Emma  Wright  13/10/2008 Neonatal Surgical Unit Staff Member
Sebastian Wyatt 21/11/2012 Cardiac Patient
Ace Yesufu  10/09/2020 Neurology Patient
Ayman Zeeshan 20/05/2019 Cardiac Patient