Patient / Staff First Name Patient / Staff Last Name Date of Treatment / Start of Employment Department  Patient / Staff Member
Ava  Pace 06/05/2022 Liver Patient
Daniel Pace 08/12/2008 Craniofacial Patient
Munzareen Padela 04/11/2020 General Paediatrics Patient
Ava-Rose Page 19/03/2020 Neurology Staff Member
Jack Page 09/01/2010 Oncology/Haematology Staff Member
Alexander  Page 09/02/2022 Cardiac Patient
Frankie  Page 06/08/2022 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Jayden-James Page-Mckenzie  16/12/2011 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Manjinder Palak 27/04/2020 Patient
Daniel  Pallister  Surgical Day Care Patient
Leah Elizabeth Mae Palmer 03/07/2008 Cardiac Patient
Emilia Palmer 11/03/2013 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Matthew Palmer 01/11/1977 Oncology/Haematology Patient
George Palmer 22/05/2018 Neurology Patient
David Pamplin 20/03/1981 Cardiac Patient
Evie-Rose  Pardew 13/01/2022 Urology Patient
Kayleigh  Paris  13/06/1905 Liver Patient
Steven Parker 10/06/1905 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Colby Parker 12/05/2015 Craniofacial Patient
Ella Parker 25/06/2008 Cardiac Patient
Vance  Parker  11/11/2007 Liver Patient
Ann-Marie  Parker (Eckley)  06/06/1905 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Vance  Parker  11/11/2007 Liver Patient
Sharon  Parkes 02/11/2015 Research and Development Patient
Benjamin Parkhurst 24/09/1997 Liver Patient
James Parkin 08/05/2015 Cardiac Patient
Aaron  Parmar  07/12/2017 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Ethan Parry 27/06/2007 Liver Patient
Millie Parsons 31/07/2015 Theatres Patient
Amelia Parsons 09/09/2015 Cardiac Patient
Daisy Parsons 19/11/2016 Surgical Day Care Patient
Dimitris  Parsons  07/01/2012 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Ben Parton 23/04/2019 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Jack Parton 28/01/2020 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Sarah Parton 01/04/1989 Cardiac Patient
Elisha Jade Partridge 02/07/1905 Occupational Therapy Patient
Dawson Partridge  14/09/2009 Liver Staff Member
Saffron  Partridge  08/09/2004 Theatres Staff Member
Ollie Partridge  06/02/2017 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Thomas Passant 17/12/2012 Cardiac Patient
Charlotte  Passingham  21/01/2018 Liver Patient
Emma Passmore 19/12/1991 Cardiac Patient
Jessica  Patel 15/02/1998 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Alex Patience 29/04/2009 Cardiac Patient
Cooper Patterson-Bright 11/06/2017 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Oliver Pattison 22/04/2010 Craniofacial Patient
Madeleine  Paul 01/04/2017 Occupational Therapy Patient
Linda Pawelczyk 18/11/1962 Opthalmology (Eye) Department Patient
Reuben  Payne 23/12/2021 Neurology Patient
Jean  Payne 02/12/2013 Radiology  
Lucas Payne 24/11/2015 Surgical Day Care
Jaden Payne 27/05/2017 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Chloe Peacock 27/11/2017 Physiotherapy and Orthotics Patient
Sarah  Pearmain 16/02/1987 Cardiac Patient
Alan  Pears 13/05/1905 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Cameron Pearson 04/12/2009 Cardiac Patient
Charlie Pearson  15/11/2017 Rheamatology  
Ava  Peppitt 09/02/2016 Craniofacial  
Charlotte  Percival  16/06/2019 Craniofacial Patient
Joseph  Perkin 24/06/1905 Cardiac Patient
Zachary Perkins 20/11/2015 Inherited Metabolic Disorders Patient
Archie  Perkins  31/12/2013 Cardiac Patient
Jessica Perrin 14/06/2022 Cleft Lip and Palate Staff Member
Hudson Perrins 22/02/2022 Cardiac Staff Member
Rose Peters 11/02/2019 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Leo Phelps 09/07/2021 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Heather Phillips 06/07/2022 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Jensen Phillips  01/09/2014 Cardiac Patient
Francesca Phipps 28/03/2021 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Leo Pickard 16/02/2016 Cardiac Patient
Jessica  Pickering  10/04/2017 Oncology/Haematology Staff Member
Bella  Pickett 17/02/2022 Cardiac Patient
Toby Pickled 28/08/2012 Renal Staff Member
Mark Piggot  06/01/2020 Estates Patient
Jack  Pinder 27/12/2011 Vital Services Patient
Millie Pinfield 10/01/2021 Oncology/Haematology Staff Member
Hudson Pirrie 24/08/2021 Cardiac
Jacob Platt 04/11/2016 Neonatal Surgical Unit  
Theo Ploka-Spragg 03/10/2020 Inherited Metabolic Disorders Patient
Adam, Amy and Anna Polito 01/03/1986 Cardiac Patient
Brooke  Pollock  29/12/2000 Neurology Patient
Rachel Porter (Rice) 01/07/1978 Cardiac Patient
Jeavon Porter-Fraser 05/09/1999 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Edward Portman 07/01/2021 Neurology Patient
Lydia Pountney 10/01/2016 Neurology Patient
Kimberley  Powell 06/06/1972 Gastroenterology Patient
Sarah Powell 27/01/1987 Urology Patient
Maeve  Powell 20/03/2020 Neonatal Surgical Unit
Grace  Powell 10/11/1997 Liver Patient
Claire Powell 02/09/1990 Corporate Nursing Patient
Freya Powers 14/01/2014 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Malakhi-kaleel Powers  26/12/2019 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Ellen Powis 30/09/2013 Cardiac Patient
Lexi Powney 18/04/2022 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Joshua Poyner 25/11/2014 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Mark Gareth  Presley 25/05/1905 Neurology Patient
Libby Preston  14/03/2005 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Jasmine Prew 31/10/2019 Cardiac Patient
Frankie Price 21/06/2015 Cardiac  
Mason  Price 01/02/2011 Cardiac Patient
Chester Price 03/05/2022 Neurology Staff Member
Ezekiel Price 11/12/2020 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Mason Price 10/11/2020 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Lucifer  Price  03/12/2021 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Emily Prime 23/05/2011 Renal
Monique  Prince 16/01/2011 Cardiac  
Reece  Probert 04/12/2018 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Jake Pryce 25/01/2022 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Pauline Pryce 18/05/1905 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Jordon Pugh 27/09/2012 Cardiac Patient
Olivia Pugh 26/08/2016 Neurology Patient
Myla Pugh 31/08/2017 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Daniel Pugh 29/06/1905 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Sean Purchase  07/03/2017 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Hannah Victoria Purdy 29/10/1997 Cardiac Patient
Abigail  Purkis  10/09/2007 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Hayley Purslow  28/03/2009 Emergency Department Patient
Eden  Quaiser  01/09/2014 Rare Diseases  
Patrick Quinn 21/01/2013 Cardiac Patient
Orlaith Quinn 14/04/2017 Neurology Patient
Lucia Quinney Mee 17/11/2007 Liver Patient
Barbara  Qulsum 01/01/2000 Rare Diseases Staff Member
Will Raby 03/05/2007 Cardiac Patient
Ava  Raffour  14/08/2008 Liver  
Leo  Rahman  22/09/2017 Neonatal Surgical Unit
Jai Rai-Aheer 29/05/2021 Oncology/Haematology  
Esme  Ramsden  23/06/1905 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Charlie  Ramsey 04/08/2001 Cardiac Patient
Nina Rani 11/08/2017 Rare Diseases Patient
Sanna Rashid 03/09/2019 Renal Patient
Rehaan  Rashid 25/02/2007 Inherited Metabolic Disorders  
Faye Ratcliffe 15/07/2010 Liver Patient
Ethan Ratcliffe  23/01/2015 Liver Patient
Hannah Ratcliff-Jones 21/03/2017 Oncology/Haematology
Muhammad Tayyab  Razzaq  21/12/2013 Renal Patient
Natalie Read 15/05/2006 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
James Read 20/02/2013 Urology  
Callum Read 07/05/2003 Rare Diseases Patient
Jack Read 12/09/2013 Hand and Upper Limb Patient
Megan Read 16/06/2014 General Paediatrics Patient
Susan Read 27/05/1905 Outpatients Clinics Patient
Josh Read 02/03/2004 Paediatric Assessment Unit Patient
Toby Reading 01/09/2008 Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Jacob  Reed 04/04/2012 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Jeannie  Reed  03/10/1994 General Paediatrics Patient
Declan Rees 30/05/2013 Cardiac Patient
Freya Reeson 23/03/2022 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Kian Reeves 10/01/2022 Gastroenterology
Isabel  Reeves  03/12/2022 Medical High Dependency Unit Staff Member
Emmy Reid 02/12/2019 Oncology/Haematology  
Lorenzo  Reidy  27/10/2021 Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient
Reign Reynolds 18/04/2021 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Donna  Reynolds  21/06/1905 Renal Patient
Vicky Reynolds  01/04/2015 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Amelia  Rhodes 20/04/2020 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Tilly Rhodes  01/02/2021 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Zarida  Riaz 28/09/1998 General Paediatrics Patient
Jake Richards  07/02/2022 Gastroenterology Patient
Jessica  Richards  06/03/2012 Cardiac  
Rosie Richardson 14/10/2012 Cardiac
Jaydon Richardson  08/03/2013 Neurophysiology Patient
Finlay  Richards-smith  17/11/2007 Cardiac Patient
Grace Riddell 13/04/2007 Gastroenterology Patient
Inis Ridgway 01/06/1905 Neonatal Surgical Unit Patient
Louis Rigby 26/12/2018 Outpatients Clinics Patient
Ryan Rippard 29/05/2007 Renal Patient
Liam Rippard 29/05/2007 Renal Patient
Rosie Evelyn Roberts 21/12/2021 Cardiac Patient
Amanda  Robertson 01/01/2022 People and Education Staff Member
Tom Robinson 18/12/2017 Cardiac Patient
Alfie Robinson 12/12/2021 Liver Patient
Riley  Robinson 16/02/2020 Gastroenterology  
Noah  Robinson 11/05/2021 Inherited Metabolic Disorders
Marie Robinson 16/04/2021 Liver Patient
Jake  Robinson  05/09/1995 Medical High Dependency Unit  
Omarni  Robinson  03/04/2018 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Molly Roddis 18/02/2010 Cardiac Patient
Grace Rodgers 20/09/2017 Cardiac Patient
Lorma Rogers 01/01/1999 Nutrition and Dietetics Patient
Finley Rogerson  18/05/2016 Neurology Patient
Rolaston 01/05/1970 Cardiac Staff Member
Aston  Rollinson  21/11/2020 Complex Care Patient
Martha Rose 16/10/2020 Neurology Patient
Hannah Louise Round 27/04/1996 Gastroenterology Patient
Charlie Round 06/07/2016 Oncology/Haematology  
Marie  Rowe  04/11/2002 Emergency Department
Arabella-Faith Rowland 20/03/2019 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Patient
Jax Rowlandson 03/09/2018 Liver Patient
Hannah Rowley 20/04/2011 Cardiac  
Ruben Gibney  Ruben Gibney  28/11/2020 Cardiac  
Sofie Rubesova 21/04/2022 Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Staff Member
Elissa Rudd 02/04/2021 Craniofacial Patient
Emily Rudd 03/10/1983 Cardiac  
Betty Rudge 11/09/2012 Physiotherapy and Orthotics  
Matthew Rudge 07/07/2008 Oncology/Haematology  
Betty Rudge 11/09/2012 Physiotherapy and Orthotics Patient
Billie-mae  Russell 26/07/2015 Neurology Staff Member
Matthew Russell 17/12/2015 Oncology/Haematology Patient
Allie Ryan 11/09/2017 Urology Patient
Bethan Rycroft 17/09/2017 Liver Patient