Arthur Smith, from Halesowen, was inspired to leave a gift in his Will after his friends’ grandson, James Crowley, had an incredible journey at our hospital.  

James was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in November 2014. Born with Down Syndrome, his family knew there was an increased risk of him developing cancer but like so many people, they never thought it would happen to them. Over the next few years, he spent many weeks in our hospital receiving treatments including chemotherapy. After initial success, James was cancer-free for 15 months until, devastatingly, the cancer returned. He repeated his course of chemotherapy but after it returned for a third time, this treatment was no longer an option 

His Down Syndrome meant he wasn’t eligible for a stem cell treatment either, so his only option was to try cutting-edge CAR T cell treatment in London. This six-week-long, highly complex therapy proved to be a success and James is now doing well. He is off all medication, but still visits our hospital every month for an infusion of haemoglobulin, which he will need indefinitely 

Arthur followed James’s journey closely and, wanting to make a difference to children going through a similar thing, he made the incredible decision to leave us a gift in his Will. His generosity and passion to help other children like James meant our Oncology Department was able to purchase some CADD Infusion Pumps to support chemotherapy treatment at home.  

These pumps are revolutionary for oncology clinical practice, removing the need for children and families to travel to hospital to receive their treatment, vastly improving patient and family experience. Being able to receive treatment in the comfort of their own home provides patients with a level of normality and ease, in what can otherwise be a distressing experience.  

Jackie, James’s grandmother, and his family were able to work with us to ensure Arthur’s gift would have a lasting impact on children with cancer. He will be remembered for years to come as the benefactor of this special and priceless gift. 

Jackie said: We’re thrilled Arthur’s gift has been used to purchase these innovative pumps. It will make a massive difference to so many families in the future.”

Gifts in Wills from visionary people like Arthur allow us to go above and beyond what is possible for our sick kids. We’d love to see what your gift could do.