Cost = £8,700

The synoptophore is a machine used specifically by orthoptists for a range of patients. It is quite unique in that a whole array of information and measurements can be gathered at the same time including: 

  • Diagnosing the imbalance of the eye muscle
  • Assessing 3D vision and the potential for this (pre-operatively)
  • Measuring the squint angle – horizontally, vertically and twisted! And all of these combined!
  • Being able to measure squints in different positions of gaze

The synoptophore was developed in the 1930’s and since then there hasn’t been a machine developed which can offer the same barrage of testing with such a high degree of accuracy, so it is an extremely valuable tool for our Eye Department. 

                                 Current synoptophore                    New synoptophore


Our current synoptophore is over 50 years old – and as with any machine this old there are parts which are not quite working as well as they have in the past. If the current machine was to break, replacement parts are not readily available and would render it useless. Having a more-modern machine would be more robust in its daily use.

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If you are interested in donating to our Eye Department Fund to enable the purchase of a new synoptophore machine, or other equipment that will make a huge difference to our patients, please contact our Fundraising Team on 0121 333 8506 or email us.