At just one-day-old, George became unwell and was taken to his local hospital for tests. Doctors were immediately concerned George had an infected bowel and requested he was urgently transferred to our hospital. There was a risk that George might not survive the journey and so his parents, Gemma and Sam, were extremely relieved when our specialist KIDS/NTS ambulance team arrived. Gemma said: “George was able to stay on a life support machine on the journey to the children’s hospital, meaning he had a better chance of survival.” Upon arrival, George went straight into intensive care. He was later diagnosed with Necrotizing Enterocolitis - a disease that affects the intestine of premature babies – and was taken for emergency surgery. Forever grateful that our specialist KIDS/NTS ambulance service, offers an on-board intensive care unit. Gemma added: “Time was of the essence that night and without the expert ambulances, we could have lost our son. I would encourage every parent to support this appeal. It really does save lives.”