Do you have what it takes to give up something you love to help us do more for our sick kids?

No matter your vice, whether it’s a cheeky chocolate treat in the afternoon, a weekly takeaway, you can’t help yourself from scrolling through your social media or you’re glued to your games console, Give It Up for a whole month and get sponsored by your family, friends, schoolmates or colleagues to do so. Alternatively, you can just donate the amount you would’ve spent on all your coffees, treats, or whatever it is you’ve given up, to us.

Our sick kids have to give up so much, whether it’s certain types of food because it’s unsuitable due to their condition or even just seeing family and friends when they’re in hospital for weeks on end.

The money you raise by taking on Give It Up will help towards improving the hospital environment and patient experience to make the time our children have to spend with us more comfortable; help us find breakthrough cures and treatment through research and enable us to purchase the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

So please show your solidarity, by giving up something you love.