Do you have what it takes to give up something you love to help us do more for our sick kids?

No matter your vice, whether it’s a cheeky chocolate treat in the afternoon, a weekly takeaway, you can’t help yourself from scrolling through your social media or you’re glued to your games console, Give It Up for a whole month and get sponsored by your family, friends, schoolmates or colleagues to do so. Alternatively, you can just donate the amount you would’ve spent on all your coffees, treats, or whatever it is you’ve given up, to us.

By Giving It Up, you will be supporting sick kids like three-year-old Lennie who has been on our Cardiac Unit since December 2019.

Lennie, from Burton on Trent, was born with a rare heart condition called congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries, or CCTGA for short, meaning that the bottom of the heart is back to front while his arteries had developed the correct way round. Before the age of two, Lennie had already had two open-heart-surgeries, including an anxious 11-hour operation to turn his little heart around, but he recovered well and was able to start nursery like any other tot his age.

However in October 2019, Lennie started to become lethargic and his GP referred him back to our hospital, where his parents Laura and Kelvin were given the devastating news that his heart was failing and that he would need a heart transplant.

Lennie has been at our hospital ever since, receiving constant treatment to make sure he’s strong enough to undergo his heart transplant, but due to coronavirus and the visitor restrictions in place to keep all our brave patients safe, he had to give up seeing his older siblings Nathan (18), Hayley (12) and Kincaid (6), whohave been unable to visit him.

Will you show solidarity with patients like Lennie, by giving up something you love? Register your own Give It Up challenge today and help us do more for our sick kids. 

Download our Give It Up calendar, email signature and posters below:

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