At just four-months-old, Jaxon was diagnosed with severe bronchiolitis and had to be transferred by the KIDS/NTS team from his local hospital to a specialist intensive care unit over an hour away. His tiny veins meant he had to have part of his hair shaved so a tube could be inserted into his head because they could not find a vein in his hand to fit a cannula, he also had to have an intraosseus infusion in both legs to gain an access point before the ventilated him, which failed resulting in a central line having to be fitted into his groin area. He was then ventilated and transferred to Stoke Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Mum Karen, describes the day as ‘the most horrific thing’. She comments: “We were in such a dark place and really thought we were going to lose Jaxon. We owe the KIDS/NTS team so much - they are angels in disguise, they are amazing. Although what was happening to our son was the most traumatic experience we have ever gone through, the medical staff were very efficient, and reassured us of what they were doing to Jaxon. I must give a special mention to the ambulance driver who was working voluntary - he was so lovely and offered support to us at a very distressing time, especially to my husband.”

After 10 days in hospital (4 of those in Intensive Care), Jaxon returned home and is now a happy, healthy 21-month-old little boy, who loves the teletubbies and playing with his brothers and sisters.