Taking part in the community

Have a day of festive fun with your friends and family in a location of your choice. Popular venues are homes or community function rooms. 

Taking part is simple:

  • Let your friends and family know Friday 13 December (or whatever day you choose) is Jolly Jumper Day for our charity
  • Sign up for your free fundraising pack. You'll receive all the things you need to help you get started including banners, balloons and posters
  • Get everyone to wear their favourite festive pullover and donate £2 (or a donation of your choice)
  • And, we'll take care of the rest!

By getting everyone together, you'll be guaranteed a day of festive fun and by donating you'll be doing more for our sick kids. Don't forget to share your photos on our Facebook page, find out more on our social media hints and tips page. We look forward to sharing our staff Jolly Jumper Day pics courtesy of PhotoMe Booth.

Need a knit? Pick up our very own charity Christmas jumper for the occasion from our online shop.


Find out more about how you can support our charity.