Give The Gift Of Play This Christmas

Throughout our Christmas fundraising activities, we aim to raise £230,000 to transform our old, outdoor playground in to a new, vibrant one that will bring fun, laughter and light relief to our sick kids and their families at difficult times. Three-year-old Kadie-Leigh has been a patient at our hospital since she was just a few days old. Her rare kidney condition means she has to visit us for regular check-ups and earlier this year she had surgery that lasted a mammoth 17 and a half hours. Coming to hospital is a huge ordeal for Kadie-Leigh but the playground helps to ease her fears.

Nan, Teresa, says: “If it wasn’t for the playground, I don’t know what Kadie-Leigh would have done. Every time we visit the hospital, she looks forward to getting out on to the playground and her face lights up when she sees it, she even knows how to get there. It really helps to distract her from the real reason we’re there. She’s a real outdoorsy child and being outside with other children makes such a huge difference to the clinical atmosphere inside the hospital.”