Six-year-old Ruby and one-year-old Sebe have both been using our Respiratory and Cystic Fibrosis Unit since birth. During this time their family has seen first-hand how much it's improved, all thanks to Doris, a very generous supporter, who left us a gift in her Will. Thanks to her donation we were able to open the unit, bringing together all our respiratory services for outpatients in one location for the first time. We simply wouldn't have been able to do this without Doris.

Ruby and Sebe’s mum, Jodie, said: Ruby was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) at birth. Her care has always been fantastic but before the new unit things could be really difficult. Ruby had to attend different specialist clinics all over the hospital for treatment and check-ups, but if she was poorly and a clinic wasn't available, we’d have to go to A&E and wait to be seen. When a child has CF it’s important they avoid any risk of infection, so as you can imagine sitting in A&E with lots of other poorly children was never ideal.

“When Sebe was born he too was diagnosed with CF but thankfully the new unit had been built, which meant we could avoid the trips to A&E. His condition is unpredictable and severer than Ruby’s so we rely on the hospital a lot more. The new unit has given us a home-away-from-home that we couldn't do without. I honestly can’t imagine life without it now.

Thanks to the gift Doris kindly included in her Will, hundreds of children like Ruby and Sebe now have a vastly improved hospital experience and parents like Jodie can rest a little easier knowing that they have a specialist team available, whenever they need to call on them. This would not have been possible without Doris’ gift and we are so grateful for her kindness.