The Birmingham venue of nationwide restaurant Mowgli Street Food, which specialises in Indian cuisine, has reached a phenomenal milestone of raising £100,000 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity. 

For the past six years, Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity has been the Birmingham restaurant’s main charity partner. It’s part of their commitment to directly serve the local community. The staff at Mowgli selected the charity, as they felt the lifechanging work that takes place at the hospital, treating children with cancer and other severe illnesses, deserved recognition and support to continue changing the lives of their young patients. 

A key part of their success in reaching the phenomenal £100,000 milestone has been the introduction of an optional £1.00 donation on patrons’ bills at the end of their meal, which has raised tens of thousands of pounds for the Mowgli Trust, which supports local and international charities. 

But it’s not just the patrons who have shown their generosity. The staff at Mowgli have been equally passionate about the cause and got their hands stuck in. Over the years, colleagues have taken to the streets for bucket collections and other volunteering opportunities, some of the more creative staff have held crochet and cake sales, and those who are into their thrill-seeking have signed up to some of the charity’s challenges, including abseils and sky dives. One team member even cycled an impressive 237 miles to Amsterdam. 

The money raised has supported the hospital in a few key areas, including patient experience, funding the likes of books, games and toys to help distract during scary procedures or entertain them during a long stay, as well improving the hospital environment, create bright, inviting, child-friendly spaces. Charitable money also helps to create better and kinder treatments for patients, by paying for the latest, state-of-the equipment, as well as ground-breaking research.  

Abbey Hides, Charity Coordinator at Mowgli, said:Supporting our local community is very important to us at Mowgli. Every year the kindness and generosity of our restaurant guests who donate via their bill to the Mowgli Trust help us to support children, families and communities in the cities we serve, as well as all over the world  

We were lucky enough to visit Birmingham Children’s Hospital recently and were so grateful to witness how much of a difference can be made.” 

Dearbhla Craddock, Senior Corporate Fundraising Officer at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said:Reaching the milestone of raising £100,000 for our charity is an incredible feat to have achieved. The team at Mowgli have been wonderful to work with and their passion and dedication to making a difference is inspiring. This is the perfect example of how partnerships with local businesses can be transformative for a charity like ours, helping us to do more for our sick kids.”