Two boys from Erdington have raised over £1,300 by selling handmade bracelets to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, as thank you for the care their sister, Caitlin, received at the hospital. 

Harry and Hayden Hodgetts, aged seven and 10, decided to give back to Birmingham Children’s Hospital after their sister Caitlin, 14, was admitted following a road traffic accident and needed life-saving care. Caitlin endured fifteen pelvic fractures and multiple skull fractures after being struck by a car just at the bottom of her road after enjoying a day in the park with her friends. 

Caitlin was rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital where she was assessed for her significant injuries and underwent multiple scans and tests to work out a treatment plan for her. Caitlin underwent brain surgery as she had a swelling on the brain, which needed resolving immediately. She spent a week in the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and was then transferred to Ward 5 for the remainder of her stay. Caitlin had eight weeks of strict bed rest and her right leg in soft traction to heal the pelvis. When strong enough was referred for six weeks of intensive physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and psychological treatment to further aid her recovery, as she needed to learn how to walk, talk and swallow again. 

It was a massively challenging time for the whole family and Caitlin’s brothers felt so helpless after her shock accident, but they were determined to find a way thank the hospital for saving Caitlin’s life, and their mum, Sarah, suggested they use their hobby of making loom bracelets to raise money for the hospital.  

Setting themselves an initial target of £50, the boys spent their spare time making bracelets in every colour and pattern possible. From rainbow to Aston Villa club colours, there was such a vast array of options for people to purchase. The boys set up a stall in their driveway and as people passed by, they would stop them to sell their bracelets. Their local community quickly caught wind and word spread through social media encouraging others to support the boys. Some people travelling long distances to visit the boys, talk to them about Caitlin’s journey and purchase bracelets. The total quickly shot up to £1,300, which completely exceeded the family’s expectations.  

Talking about the boy’s fundraising, mum Sarah said: “I am so proud of the boys, it was such a fun experience for them, as making bracelets is something they love to do, and the more word spread, it just made the boys even more motivated to keep going. The care Caitlin received was world class and the whole family is so grateful to the hospital for saving her. We really hope the boys donation will help make a difference.” 

Miranda Williams Head of Public Fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity says Often when a child is sick in hospital, you forget there are siblings worrying at home. It is inspiring to see how much Harry and Hayden wanted to help other patients like their sister. Their amazing creativity goes to show that no matter your hobby, you can turn it into a great fundraiser for those in need.