A Moseley/Kings Heath dance school has twirled its way into this week’s Charity Champion top spot after raising over £1,000 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

Claire’s Dance Company, CDC, which teaches children of all ages, raised the funds by selling tickets to its 20th anniversary showcase; ‘Dancing Through the Decades’.

The school turned to fundraising in honour of one student, nine-year-old Amelia, from Kings Heath. Amelia knows the hospital all too well as her younger sister, Elizabeth, receives on-going care having suffered terrible burns in a house fire when she was just six-months-old. The children’s hospital has looked after Elizabeth ever since.

Now four-years-old, Elizabeth is doing really well. She still receives treatment at the hospital and will continue to do so until she is 18-years-old, but she is a happy little girl who has recently started reception and is looking forward to joining her sister at dance classes later this year.

To say thank you for Elizabeth’s care, the dance school, which boasts 160 dancers, wanted to give something back.  

40-year-old Claire Humpidge, Principal Dance Teacher at CDC Dance, said: “Birmingham Children’s Hospital holds a special place in all of our hearts because of the care they give to Elizabeth as well as her family. When it came to choosing a charity to support at this year’s dance show, the hospital was an obvious choice.

“The evening was a great success and we were so pleased to raise a fantastic final total of £1,485 through our ticket sales and raffle.  We were thrilled to welcome a representative from the charity, ex-patient, Cameron Simpson, who came to watch our performance.”  

Serena Daw, Public Fundraising Manager at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital Charity, added: “We’re so pleased to hear that Elizabeth is doing well and is looking forward to joining her big sister at dance school later this year.

“We would like to say a huge thank you to Claire and everyone at CDC Dance for choosing to give back to our hospital in this way.

“The vital funds they have raised will go on to support the 90,000 sick kids our hospital cares for every year, helping families like Amelia and Elizabeth’s.”