A little boy, from Wednesbury, and his family have got fundraising fever after taking on a trampoline challenge and holding a concert, raising over £500 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity. 

Six-year-old Ben Lambeth was inspired to start fundraising after seeing a flyer for the charity, and asked his mum, Suzie, how he could do more for the hospital’s sick kids. Suzie told Ben he could do any activity he liked, and off he went to have a think, before returning with a plan to bounce on his trampoline – something he loves doing for fun.  

Ben took to his trampoline with one goal, to bounce for as long as he could and Suzie helped him to set up a Just Giving page to collect sponsorship. It was a lot harder that he was anticipating, but little Ben dug in and completed 200 jumps before he got tired, raising a huge £200 in the process.  

Meanwhile Suzie, who is a singing teacher by day, had been busy organising her own fundraiser. She’d pulled together a choir of her singing students to put on a concert in aid of the charity. Even Ben, his brothers Thomas and Joseph, and dad Chris, joined Suzie’s singers on stage, raising another £300 for the charity. 

The Lambeth family have fundraised for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity before, but during lockdown the cause became even closer to their hearts when youngest brother, three-year-old Thomas needed to undergo a procedure under the hospital’s Eye Department. Suzie had noticed that one of Thomas’ eyes had started to turn inwards so she took him to their GP. Thomas was referred to the hospital for squint surgery, where doctors released the muscles which were causing his eye to turn. Thankfully the procedure was a success and Thomas recovered quickly with no further issues. 

Suzie said: “We’ve always known that Birmingham Children’s Hospital was a special place and it touches the lives of so many people in the region, but after our own experience, we wanted to give back as a thank you for the fantastic care we, and so many families, receive there.  

“I was so proud of Ben when he told me he wanted to take on a challenge for the charity and he was over the moon to have raised so much all on his own! My charity concert went really well too, and I felt so proud to have my family on stage singing.” 

Miranda Williams, Head of Public Fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “It’s great that the Lambeths decided to make their fundraising a family affair and you have to admire their creativity for coming up with two unique challenges we don’t often see. That’s the great thing about fundraising, you can take on any activity you want, from something as simple as bouncing on your trampoline, to organising a concert. We’re so thankful for Ben and Suzie’s efforts to support children just like Ben’s little brother Thomas.”