An adventurous six-year-old boy has been named as this week’s charity champion after taking part in a mass camp-out from his back garden and raising over £350 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

Zach Tresigne, from Handsacre in Staffordshire, donned his woollies and took to the canvas for a night, after being inspired by Max, another little boy who had hit the news after pledging to camp-out in his garden for charity, for a whole year. Zach heard the story on the radio, whilst Max was making a call out for other kids to join him to help mark his 365th night in a tent.

Upon hearing Max’s story, Zach was inspired and he immediately turned to mum, Emma, and begged to take part and raise money to do more for the sick kids at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Emma, a beauty therapist, had held her own mini beauty events and raffles in aid of the charity in the past, and Zach had always loved getting involved, so Emma thought this was the perfect opportunity for him to hold his very own fundraiser.

With Emma’s help, Zach planned his night out in the garden, made sure he had all the necessary equipment ready and let all his family and friends know about the big sleep-out, so they could sponsor him.

When camp-out day came, Zach pitched his tent on the back lawn and gathered plenty of midnight snacks. The weather turned stormy and the wind began to howl but that didn’t faze Zach as he crawled into his tent, followed by Emma, who had agreed to sleep outside too, to keep him company.

Emma said: “Zach is really inspired by other children, so when he heard Max on the radio, it was like something clicked and he just had to be involved and do something for the kids at the hospital. We’ve fundraised before so we know just how much his donation will mean.

 “As the weather turned on us, I did wonder if Zach might get a bit nervous, but we had a great time! There were lots of giggles and games, and Zach fell asleep quite early in the end!”

Miranda Williams, Head of Public Fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “Move over Bear Grylls because Zach is an adventurer in the making! It’s great to see kids inspiring each other and proving that fundraising can take any shape.

 The money he raised will go towards making sure our brave patients have the best possible hospital experience while they’re with us.”