Holidays are often difficult or expensive for families who have a child with chronic or long-term health conditions, but thanks to the support of our kind-hearted fundraisers, we’re able to transform holiday dreams into a reality. 

Earlier this year, brave four-year-old Henry and his family were gifted £1,000 from our charity to fund an exciting, two-night trip to Legoland, with an overnight stay at Legoland’s Windsor Resort Hotel.

Born with chronic kidney failure – due to a condition called Papillorenal Syndrome – Henry’s kidney disorder sadly isn’t improving and he’s currently enduring ten hours of dialysis treatment every night, awaiting a kidney transplant from his loving father, Nigel.

To offer some much-needed respite, the Eyre family, which includes dad Nigel, mum Laura, Henry and his 10-year-old brother Jonty, were awarded a grant from our ‘holiday fund’, which helps to cover the cost of holidays, including specialist accommodation and travel expenses.

Going on holiday is normally out of the question,” says mum Laura, “so it really was a dream come true when Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity accepted our holiday application and offered to fund our Legoland trip!”

Holidays like Henry’s can have a really positive impact on health, giving families facing long-term medical conditions the opportunity to relax together, rejuvenate and have fun making new memories.

Laura added:

Henry absolutely loved Legoland. He often misses out on certain things in life, like school parties, as his condition limits what he can do, so it was lovely to be able to break the exciting Legoland news to both him and his brother.

When we told Henry and Jonty, they were so thrilled that we couldn’t keep them still! We’d like to pass on our immense gratitude to the hospital’s charity for allowing our family to go on such an amazing holiday and giving us some much-needed family time.