Inspirational mom and running novice took on a huge personal challenge and snapped up this week’s charity champion after raising an amazing £1286.25 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

Mom Lisa from Sutton was inspired to join the Great Midlands Fun Run and raise money for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit after experiencing first-hand the outstanding care her daughter Elsie received while being looked after in the hospital.

At just 3 weeks old Elsie’s breathing became a concern for Mom, Lisa and Dad, Colin and was rushed into her local hospital where doctors quickly established that Elsie’s carbon dioxide levels were very high, and she was placed on oxygen.

Medical staff suspected that Elsie was suffering from bronchiolitis - an inflammation of the bronchioles, and explained that she would need specialist care. Phone calls were made and a cot on the High Dependency Unit at Birmingham Children’s Hospital made available. The KIDS team were on hand to transfer a very poorly Elsie to Birmingham Children’s Hospital in their critical care ambulances.

When they arrived Lisa felt huge relief – “They obviously really knew their stuff. We immediately felt that Elsie was in safe hands, the team were wonderful and so kind to us. We were falling apart but they took charge and kept us totally informed. I had absolutely no doubt that they were making the right decisions for Elsie.”

Once at Birmingham Children’s Hospital doctors became concerned that Elsie’s skin had become mottled and were concerned that she may have sepsis. Her right lung was also partially collapsed and she was transferred to Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).  

After four days Elsie improved enough to be moved from PICU and after a week in hospital she was well enough to go home, where she continues to thrive.

When asked how the run went Lisa said,” It was a very tough event as running does not come naturally to me, I
didn't walk or stop so I was very proud of myself for completing it. When I started to struggle I just pictured Elsie in PICU and it gave me the motivation to keep going, also seeing so many other runners wearing Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity running tops and knowing that we were all going to make a difference.”

Miranda Williams, Public Fundraising Manager at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, added: “We are so glad to hear that Elsie is doing so well, and we’re incredibly grateful to the Lisa for choosing to say thank you to our world-class hospital in this lovely way. The money they have raised will make a massive difference to the lives of our brave children and their families on our Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.”