A group of jewellers and associated businesses have joined forced to raise over £9,000 to support Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, by taking to the water during the charity’s annual Dragon Boat Race at Mailbox Birmingham. 

The businesses were led by the British Allied Trades Federation (BATF) and included trade associations National Association of Jewellers and Giftware Association, plus members JQ Diamonds, Hockley Mint, Value Innovator, Titcombe Bespoke, TH March, Paycare, PMP Consultants Ltd and Lapworth Architects. 

The annual two-day Dragon Boat event has become a highlight in the local business community’s calendar. The team came together on the day, with no prior practice, to battle it out through three heats of 200m races, culminating in major and minor finals to determine the day’s top teams. Whilst the jewellers didn’t finish first, they still put a great effort in and had a great day building relationships with their local counterparts. 

As well as the on-the-day festivities, each member of the BATF boat donated and fundraised to reach the incredible amount raised. They joined many of the teams in supporting Birmingham Children’s Hospital’s £1.5million iMRI Appeal, to bring an intraoperative MRI (iMRI) scanner to the hospital, which will help transform brain tumour and epilepsy surgery for young patients.  

Louise Hadfield, Head of Central Services at British Allied Trades Federation (BATF), said: “Charitable work holds great significance for all the trade associations within the BATF, as well as their members. As an organisation, we manage our own charity, The Benevolent Society, but actively encourage the promotion of external charitable activities. Our members have shown great interest in supporting organisations such as the Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity, which provides essential assistance to children and their families.” 

One of the members who joined the BATF boat was Sonny’s Jewellers and JQ Diamonds. Their spokesperson, Leesha Kaur, commented: Working with our peers in the industry towards such a meaningful cause has been incredibly rewarding. Supporting the wider Birmingham community has always been an essential element to our business plans, from our regular work with Parkinson’s UK to being members of the “Paddles of Fury” in the annual Dragonboat race for the Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital. We look forward to continuing our commitment to giving back as the year progresses.”  

Katie Harris, Corporate Partnerships Officer at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “It is a wonderful thing to have so many businesses come together and help support our sick kids. The passion and enthusiasm from the BATF boat, both on and off the water, was second to none. We’re so grateful for the incredible amount they raised.”