An inspiring 10-year-old boy who got muddy for money after taking on a 6k obstacle course has raised over £1,500 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, to help support sick kids just like himself.

Joseph Coe, from Rugby, took on the intrepid Junior Wolf Run with his teaching assistant at Primary School, Miss Morgan, who has supported him since he was in reception, after he received brain surgery at Birmingham Children’s Hospital to treat Hydrocephalus.

Joseph was just eight-days-old when he was diagnosed with the condition, which meant there was a build-up of cerebral fluid causing a blockage and pressure in his brain. Doctors carried out an emergency procedure called endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV), which created a channel for the fluid to escape to the surface of Joseph’s brain, where it could be more easily absorbed.

The surgery was a success and Joseph made a full recovery, but when he was six-years-old, Joseph began complaining of frequent headaches and struggling with his balance. Concerned, Joseph’s mum, Sarah, took him back to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where he’d received ongoing check-ups since his first operation. Scans showed that the original channel surgeons had made in Joseph’s brain had covered over, and a cyst was forming in its place, meaning fluid had begun to build-up again.

After another operation, Joseph made another successful recovery and four years later he’s heading into his final year of primary school and his final year with Miss Morgan. To celebrate their years together, and the special bond they’ve made, Miss Morgan entered herself and Joseph into the fun Wolf Run.

Joseph thought back to his most recent operation and suggested that he and Miss Morgan should use their challenge to raise money to help other children undergoing similar experiences at the hospital.

On the day of the Wolf Run, Joseph gave it his all. He sloshed through the mud, scaled obstacles and when it came to the monkey bars, Miss Morgan even let him stand on her shoulders! As they crossed the finish line, Joseph felt weary and his legs were aching, but he had a smile on his face, knowing he’d done something to help other children.

Sarah, Joseph’s mum, said: “Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Joseph’s surgeon, Mr Solanki, have performed brain surgery twice and the ongoing care Joseph receives is incredible. As Joseph gets older, he understands more and more about his condition, and he seems to really empathise with other children who face struggles of their own.

“I’m so proud of Joseph for completing the Wolf Run with a smile on his face and for raising so much for a place that is so special to our family. He hopes the money can help buy toys to entertain kids who have to stay in bed like he did.”

Miranda Williams, Head of Public Fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “A 6k obstacle course would be a challenge for most adults, but Joseph managed it, and we couldn’t be more grateful that he chose to support us.

“Joseph knows better than anyone else just what a special place our hospital is and by raising such an incredible amount, he’s helping us make a difference for other sick kids, just like him.”