A pair of siblings from Harborne have earnt eco-warrior status after completing a month-long clean-up and raising over £815 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

During the month of February, six-year-old Joseph Leek and his little sister Florence, four, set themselves a daily challenge to tackle litter and leaves in their friends and family’s gardens, and local streets and parks, in return for donations to the city’s Children’s Hospital.

The idea was conjured up by Joseph, who wanted to raise money to help other children and was set on a challenge that would benefit the environment as well as the hospital’s sick kids.

After recruiting his sister, Florence, the dynamic duo got to work, creating several colourful posters to promote their little scheme, ‘J And F Clean Up Services.’ Then, with the help of mum, Joanna, the pair began taking bookings from friends, family and neighbours.

For 28 days straight, through rain and shine, and even three very windy storms, Joseph and Florence braved the elements to rid gardens of litter and leaves. Even on days when they didn’t have a booking, the duo took to the streets, even making a special trip to tidy up outside the Children’s Hospital itself.

Joanna said: “I’m so proud of Joseph and Florence for sticking to it and going out every day, even when it was cold and wet. Even though they’re so young and they might not truly understand the work of the hospital, they were so invested in helping the poorly children, and seeing donations come in thick and fast was all the motivation they needed. They’re so pleased with themselves.”

Miranda Williams, Head of Public Fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “We’ve been totally inspired by Joseph and Florence’s environmentally-friendly fundraiser and we’re so grateful that as well as helping us do more for our sick kids, our fantastic supporters are caring for our planet.

“The brilliant funds they raised will go towards supporting the 90,000 sick kids we treat at our hospital every single year.”