Phoebe Illingworth, a nine-year-old pupil from Alvechurch, has hit all the right notes by recording a charity song for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity with her dad, Ben, and managing to raise over a brilliant £1,100. 

The Illingworths, including mum, Sarah, and little brother Rory, six, always plan an annual charity fundraiser and this year was Phoebe’s turn to choose a charity. Phoebe chose Birmingham Children’s Hospital as she had routine tonsilitis surgery there when she was younger but is also aware of all the other children in her community the hospital helps. She wanted to say thanks for all the work it does. 

When deciding what they could do as a fundraiser, a lightbulb went off when Ben heard Phoebe practising on the piano after a piano lesson. He thought why not create a charity song? They could write an original song, record it, and document the whole process on social media. 

Ben was inspired by Phoebes love for music, and so he decided to join her in learning the piano, so he could compose the song, having gained some experience in music during his school and university years. The duo worked on the lyrics together, writing a tongue-in-cheek, comedic song called “Stuck With My Dad, counting all the things Phoebe would love to be doing during the half term holiday, but instead she’s stuck hanging out with her dad.  

Phoebe and Ben got to work recording the song at home, which, with little prior knowledge, was a learning experience for them both. Ben even managed to convince some musical-minded friends to record some string parts to add to the tune alongside his piano playing. The finished product went well beyond their expectations! 

Ben posted the song and accompanying video onto YouTube and let the power of social media do the rest. Phoebe’s song caught quite a bit of attention and the dynamic father and daughter duo managed to double their initial fundraising target of £500, surpassing £1,100 raised! 

Ben said:We had so much fun raising money for the charity! It was exciting to take on the challenge and to encourage Phoebe’s creativity in a new and unique way. Filming a music video and recording the song was completely out of our comfort zone, but we are so proud to have made a difference.” 

Miranda Williams, Head of Public Fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said:It’s not every day that our fundraisers decide to write and produce a charity single. What a creative way to raise money for us. I’m not surprised it captured the attention of their social media followers. We are just so proud of Phoebe and her dad for taking the challenge on for our sick kids and sounding great whilst doing it!