A keen runner and charity supporter from Birmingham took on the impressive challenge of running 31 miles in just 30 days, raising over £370 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity. 

Raimond Gnambodoe, who is an assistant restaurant manager, generally keeps fit by running, and with the heart of gold he has, has decided to turn his hobby into a fundraising opportunity, often taking on marathons and challenges in aid of different charities.  Having fundraised for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity in the past, the hospital was once again his chosen cause for his next challenge.  

Raimond’s affinity for the Children’s Hospital comes from having had close relatives who have received care there over the years. With that as his inspiration he came up with the challenge of running 31 miles in 30 days. Fitting this in around his work and his social life was no easy feat, and with the cold weather, Raimond really had to motivate himself to keep going every day, but thinking of the sick kids the money would help did just that.  

Raimond’s friends, family, colleagues and local church community were all keen to support him, but to boost his fundraising, he decided to carry a donation tin with him on his runs. Whilst he weaved his way past some of Birmingham's most famous landmarks, including Canon Hill Park, Edgbaston Reservoir and Brindley Place to name just a few, Raimond took the opportunity to stop and speak to strangers, telling them about the hospital and his challenge. The heart-warming conversations encouraged passers-by to donate, and he even convinced a couple to fundraise themselves! 

The tough month of running soon whizzed by, but Raimond’s passion for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity continues, as he will be taking on the Great Birmingham 10k on Sunday 7 May. He’s even considering doing the 31 miles in 30 days challenge again later this year, but this time with some friends to increase the fundraising total even more! 

When asked about his fundraising, Raimond said: “We must all remember how fortunate we are and that there are sick children suffering and fighting bravely. This was all the inspiration I needed to keep running on those cold days. I am so happy with the fundraising I have done and can’t wait for the next challenge.”  

Miranda Williams, Head of Public Fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said “Raimond’s inspiration to turn his hobby of running into fundraising for us shows how simple it can be to raise money for charity. He put in a great shift for us, committing to run every day for a month, and the £370 will help us to continue our vital work here at the Children’s Hospital.”