A courageous seven-year old girl took a leap of faith as she abseiled down the side of Millennium Point, raising over £1,000 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity as a thank you for her big brother’s life-saving open-heart surgery.

Fearless Annabella Wall, from Tamworth, took on the charity’s abseil just before the lockdown, after being inspired by a poster she had seen whilst visiting Birmingham Children’s Hospital for one of her brother, Ellis’s regular heart check-ups.

When Ellis was just five-days-old, he suddenly stopped breathing. Panic stricken, new parents, Carly and Stuart, called an ambulance and once his breathing was under control, Ellis was rushed him to their local hospital. Doctors initially suspected that he had bronchitis. However, as Ellis continued to struggle to breathe, further tests were conducted and revealed a shocking diagnosis. Ellis had been born with a rare congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which meant that the left side of his heart hadn’t developed correctly and wasn’t pumping enough oxygen rich blood around his body, making it harder for him to breathe.

Ellis was swiftly transferred to Birmingham Children’s Hospital where, as soon as he was stable, was rushed into theatre for the first of three successful open-heart surgery to mend his heart.

Annabella was born three years later, and has always idolised her big brother. As she’s grown to understand more about his heart condition and why the hospital is such a special place for her family, their bond has become even stronger. Even at the tender age of seven, as soon as Annabella saw the Birmingham Children Hospital Charity’s abseil advertised, she knew that she wanted to take part to say thank you for ensuring she has been able to grow up with her brother.

Carly and Stuart couldn’t believe their ears when their little girl announced that she wanted to sign up, it was such a brave thing to do. When the day came, Annabella showed no fear. Dressed head to toe in sequins, she took the 72 foot plunge without a second thought.

Annabella said: “The Children’s Hospital is so special because they looked after Ellis when he was poorly. He’s really, really brave and I wanted to do something brave too, to say thank you to the doctors and nurses. The building was really tall, but it was so fun!”

Miranda Williams, Head of Public Fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “The bond between Annabella and her brother is truly heart-warming and we’re in awe of how far she’s prepared to go for Ellis.

“The abseil can sometimes prove too much of a challenge for adults, so Annabella’s fearlessness is something her family should be very proud of. Plus, the money she’s raised will go on to help us do more for more for other sick kids just like Ellis.”