Two young sisters from Wolverhapton have ‘taken steps’ to do more for the sick kids at Birmingham Children’s Hospital by walking 10 kilometres in one day and raising more than £2,000.

Eight-year-old Charlie Clewley and her little sister, Bobbie, four, pulled on their hiking gear after a spur of the moment decision, inspired by treatment Charlie received at the world-class paediatric centre when she was a baby.

When Charlie was just two days old, a routine check of her heart discovered a murmur. She was sent for further tests at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where Charlie was ultimately diagnosed with a condition called Pulmonary Valve Stenosis. This meant that one of the valves in Charlie’s heart was too narrow, which was slowing down the flow of blood though her heart and into her lungs.

On hearing their daughter’s diagnosis, first time parents Laura and Adam were fraught with worry, but as doctors took time to explain the procedure Charlie would need to fix the problem, the couple realised their baby was in the best hands.

A month later, Charlie was back in hospital, where doctors guided a tiny balloon into her heart via a catheter, before inflating it just enough to help open up and stretch the troublesome valve. The procedure was a complete success and eight years later, along with her parents, Charlie is forever grateful for the care she received.

Charlie and Bobbie wanted to give back to the hospital, so with Laura’s help they came up with a plan to walk 10k around Cannock Chase and asked friends and family to sponsor them. Setting their target at a modest £50, the girls set off on their walk, accompanied by mum and dad, and not forgetting little brother Cody.

Laura said: “When we were planning the girls’ challenge, we thought 10k might be a bit ambitious but they were absolutely brilliant! They walked the whole way and didn’t moan once. In fact, they even had fun whilst doing it!

“We shared the fundraising pages with our friends and were amazed when we saw the total creeping up. It’s more that we could’ve ever imagined we would raise, but we’re so pleased because we know how much of a difference it will make for children at the hospital.”

Miranda Williams, Head of Public Fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “Our Cardiology Unit is one of the best in the world, and we mend lots of poorly hearts every year, treating patients from all over the UK. We’re so pleased to have done that for Charlie, and that she is in such good health, a 10k walk was no problem at all. Charlie and Bobbie really went the distance for our patients and we couldn’t be more grateful.”