A tattoo artist from Burton upon Trent has swapped skin for paper to create lifelike drawings in exchange for donations to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity. He has managed to raise over £1,000 in support of his best friend’s little boy, who is waiting for a new heart.

Even though Adam Foster has been unable to work during the pandemic due to lockdown restrictions, in between taking care of his kids and home-schooling, he’s been busier than ever using his artistic talents to create beautiful portraits. Adam started taking commissions from friends and family in return for a donation to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, in a bid to do his bit for his friend Laura’s three-year-old son, Lennie, who has been an inpatient there for over a year.

Lennie was born with a rare heart condition called congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries, or CCTGA for short, which means that the bottom of his heart is back to front while his arteries developed the correct way round. Before the age of two, Lennie had already had two open-heart surgeries, including an anxious 11-hour operation to turn his little heart around, but he recovered well and was able to start nursery like any other tot his age.

However in October 2019, Lennie started to become lethargic and his GP referred him back to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where Laura and her husband, Kelvin, were given the devastating news that his heart was failing and that he would need a heart transplant. Lennie has been in hospital ever since, receiving constant treatment to make sure he’s strong enough to undergo his heart transplant when the time comes.

Adam said: “I started drawing to keep busy, sharing my pieces on social media and everyone really got behind me, spreading the word until even people I didn’t really know started getting in touch for portraits. I’ve had all manner of requests and it feels amazing to know I’m doing something that’s helping others get through this tough time whilst making a difference for a charity that’s so close to my heart too.”

Miranda Williams, Head of Public Fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “Adam’s drawings are absolutely breath-taking and we’re so glad he’s still putting his talents to good use while he’s unable to work. 

“The money he’s raised will go on to help us do more for brave patients, like Lennie, whose illnesses mean they have to spend large periods of time in hospital and away from their family.”

If you would like to donate to Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity you can do so here.