Our Big Bandage campaign has gained lots of brave supporters from right across our hospital this year. One of those backing the campaign is four-year-old patient Yusuf (pictured). 

Yusuf is a daily visitor to the hospital where he attends Ward 1 three times a week for dialysis, with each session lasting four hours at a time; it can be a long day for Yusuf. 

Mum, Shamina, described her son as an ‘incredibly brave little boy’. She said: “Yusuf has to sit for long periods of time at once when he comes in for dialysis. For any four-year-old that’s very difficult, as they love to move around and explore. The staff are great at keeping him calm and occupied during his dialysis, he has lots of fun with different activities such as colouring and reading. He also gets visits from the Giggle Doctors and the Singing Medicine choir - the time goes by a little quicker with help from them, it helps distract him from what’s going on around him. 

“We’re proud to be supporting the charity’s Big Bandage campaign this year, not only to help them fund activities such as the Giggle Doctors and Singing Medicine, but also to show solidarity with all the other brave children across the hospital. They’re all going through such difficult times and if we can do our bit to show our support – we will.”

To join Yusuf, support our Big Bandage Campaign.